SOLVE THE GAP - 48h EU Youth Digital Hackathon

“SOLVE THE GAP” between European Youth and participation in 48 hours. Win 10.000€.

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  • 197,547 Invested
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  Who can participate?

Young people (up to 30 years old) legally living in an EU Member State. 

  How do I register?

Just click the Join Challenge button and register. Even if you have a team already, the registration is individual. The team connection is made after everyone is registered. Deadline is March 7th.

  When and how it will work?

You can find a lot of information on the different tabs, but if there is any question left, a Prep-Session will be held on March 10th, 7pm WET Zone, where we will present in detail the program, rules, practicalities regarding the platform and answer any of your questions. Keep an eye on your email, you will receive information about this.

  How do I speak with my mentor?

Every mentor will have slots of 30 minutes available for the Teams. We will explain how you can book one of those slots in the Prep-Session on 10th March.

  How will my project be evaluated?

Mentors and Backers will have an evaluation grid provided by the Organization with specific criteria. 

TAIKAI platform uses a simple voting method: Mentors, Backers (the Jury) and EU Youth Conference have "KAI" - a fictitious currency - that they can give to the projects for backing them. Projects with more "KAI" are the best ones, and the Team with more "KAI" by the end of the competition, wins.

  What is the prize?

The winner is awarded 10.000,00€.

This prize is intended to further the development of the winning project. The team commits to use this prize do develop the project in order to present a final version of the project by the end of the Portuguese Presidency – details of place, date and format to be discussed with the Organization.

In addition to the monetary prize, the winner will have support from the Organization to develop the project, namely by facilitating and operating as contact point with stakeholders and partners.