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The Platform for AI Social Impact

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  • BitHacks is an online, computer science and entrepreneurship-based event that seeks to foster an environment in which hackers can learn freely while maintaining a competitive spirit.
  • There will be guest speakers and workshops that will focus on entrepreneurship and artificial intelligence. For more information, please view the "Schedule" section of our website at https://www.bithacks.io/ (click on an event in the calendar to view the webinar’s description).

  • There will also be a competition. Participants will be able to work in groups of up to four people, and compete against other groups with their projects. Judges will assess these projects, and winners will be announced for various categories. Winners will receive prizes.
  • Projects that address a problem affecting society and attempt to solve it using artificial intelligence will be accepted. Please view the 'Rules' section for important submission requirements.


  • BitHacks starts at 9 am PST on June 22, 2020 and ends at 9 am PST on June 28, 2020

More Info:

  • All participants will receive access to:
    • Wolfram|One for 30 days (worth $25)
    • 90-day extended trial for the Balsamiq Cloud.
    • Business Tier Access to echoAR platform (teams must create their project using this platform if they want to submit it to the Best AR/VR Hack category)
  • For more info, check our website at https://www.bithacks.io/
  • Please contact us at [email protected] or dm one of the Co-Lead Directors through the BitHacks Slack.