Before reading the Rules of this Challenge, we kindly advise you to check our General User Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy of the TAIKAI Platform.

The Challenge is organized by Aya. Visit for more information.

Hacking Rules

1. Ayathon is happening primarily in person

2. Hacker teams are made up of a maximum of 5 people.

3. Minimum of 3 members of your team will need to be at the venue to be judged; no online-only submissions

4. The Hackathon will be hosted on TAIKAI, hence registration & submission should be done through the platform

5. All projects must be related to the blockchain

6. You cannot copy, use or submit another team's source code

7. Projects must involve writing significant software

8. All code for projects must be written within the time frame of the Hackathon, there can be no previously written code submitted to the judging process

9. The judges’ decision is final in terms of determining prizes and awards

10. Please comply with all instructions provided by the Ayathon organisers and volunteers

11. Please respect our Code of Conduct