Ayathon is a pan-African annual event that aims to engage African web3 talent using blockchain technology to solve present-day challenges. Ayathon aims to engage top talent within the African Web3 ecosystem to deliver relevant projects leveraging blockchain technology and grow awareness for stakeholders' products and proprietary Web3 technology frameworks within the African market.      


The scope of this Hackathon is to build projects with real-world impact. Participants are required to enter the competition in teams with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 team members. Entries for all hackers will be free of charge.

Hackathon Schedule 

Teams will have 2 weeks to build their projects. 

Registration ends for applicants on the 11th August, 23.           

Workshop, Presentation & Submission of materials to applicants will start on the 12th to 13th August, 23. 

The Hackathon will kickstart on Monday 14th to Friday 25th August, 23.                    

Judges will review, judge and submit their results from 25th August to 1st September, 23.  

Winners will be announced on Saturday 2nd September, 23 on site at the Web3 Lagos event.                                    


Categories/Project areas

1. Applications in open governance involving smart contracts in the 
African Electoral process; voter registration, casting, and collation of 
votes, diaspora voting, etc

2. Applications in entertainment and media; artist management, music 
and content distribution, copyrights, IP, etc.

3. Applications in digital collectibles; preservation of African artefacts and 
promotion of digital tourism, etc.

4. Applications in financial inclusion and education; promoting financial 
literacy and implementation of interchangeable stable coins/coin 
swapping, crypto adoption, etc.

5. Applications in e-identity and verification; with use cases in digital 
stamps for e-commerce platforms, cross-border trade & exports, 
traceability to stem gun running and supply chain tracking for petroleum products.
Applications in climate change and sustainable carbon reduction.


There will be a total of $9,000 prize pool for the top 3 projects.                                                                                                            

First runner-up: $3,000

Second runner-up: $2,500

Third runner-up: $1,500

4th & 5th runner-up: $500 Each

Special Awards: $1000($250x4)                                                                         

Other Benefits

Mentorship opportunities, incubation for project development and pilot opportunities in African markets.                                                        


Hacking Rules

1. Ayathon is happening primarily in person
2. Hacker teams are made up of a maximum of 5 people.
3. Minimum of 3 members of your team will need to be at the venue to be judged; no online-only submissions.
4. The Hackathon will be hosted on TAIKAI, hence registration & submission should be done through the platform.
5. All projects must be related to the blockchain.
6. You cannot copy, use or submit another team's source code.
7. Projects must involve writing significant software.
8. All code for projects must be written within the time frame of the Hackathon, there can be no previously written code submitted to the judging process.
9. The judges’ decision is final in terms of determining prizes and awards.
10. Please comply with all instructions provided by the Ayathon organisers and volunteers.
11. Please respect our Code of Conduct.


Submitted projects should have:

1. Project / Team name 

2. Short description about the project

3. Discord and Telegram username for the team’s person of contact

4. Repository with project’s code 

5. Video demo (90 seconds) and/or Presentation (10 slides max)

6. The contract address(es) or website URLs of your deployed application, either on a testnet of your choice or mainnet of a platform of choice.

(NOT mandatory).
 Submission Deadline: 
The submission deadline is Friday August 25th at 12:00 PM WAT.
The submission should be done on the TAIKAI platform.

Important Dates

Hackathon registration ends Friday, 11th August, 2023 12pm WAT
Ayathon grand opening Saturday, 12th August, 2023 11am WAT
Ayathon workshop for hackers Sunday, 13th August, 2023 6pm WAT
Hackathon kickstart Monday, 14th August, 2023 8am WAT
Submission deadline Friday, 25th August, 2023 12pm WAT
Judging begins Friday, 25th August, 2023 2pm WAT
Submission of Results Friday, 1st September, 2023 2pm WAT
Announcement of winners Saturday, 2nd September, 2023 2pm WAT

Minimum requirements to be judged.

1. A link to the open-source code.
2. A short demo video and/or presentation to describe your project's goal, use case, and to be used during the pitches.
3. If applicable, the contract address(es) and/or website URLs of your deployed demo/presentation must be provided, either on a testnet of Your choice or mainnet of a platform of choice.


The winning solution will be reviewed against the criteria of ideation, integration, implementation, and documentation such as:

1. How does the proposed solution address the problem?
2. What web3 technologies/tools were used in developing the solution?
3. The business model of the project.
4. How can the proposed solution be scaled for implementation?