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Score OTG

Stock Correlation of Recent Events, On-The-Go is a mobile device application with quick access to Portfolio Protector and Thematic Basket Generator when on-the-go and breaking news occurs.

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Project Category: Best Product for Today

Stock Correlation of Recent Events, On-The-Go application is targeted to Android mobile devices so when out of the office or otherwise on-the-go and breaking news events occur, a Portfolio Protector query can be run to see what effect the event may have on a portfolio or a Thematic Basket can be generated for the event.

 The application makes incoming and outgoing use of the device “Share” feature. An event phrase can be shared from a news story or other text-based alert to the Score OTG app and quickly launch a Portfolio Protector or Thematic Basket query.  Results can be shared to email, text message, or other application that accepts text input.