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Urban Innovation Hackathon

Hack for a better urban environment in cities!

  • 65 Participants
  • 41,713 Invested
  • 0 Uninvested



  • Energy
  • Social Good & Impact
  • Automobiles & Components
  • Transportation
  • Sustainability

Turning Dialogue into Action - Welcome to the Urban Innovation Hackathon!

As an official follow-up event of the Urban Innovation Forum we want to make sure that we don't just talk about current urban problems and challenges, but that we also take action to reach a sustainable urban environment.

Are you based in Berlin, Germany or in any other city on this beautiful planet? 

It doesn’t matter where you are based: the urban environments in cities need to be improved! Join us to hack for self-sufficient and sustainable buildings & efficient and low-emission urban mobility!

You have not joined a hackathon before?

A hackathon (also known as a hackday, hackfest or codefest) is a sprint-like, very intense co-creation format of 2 to 5 days. Experts from multiple domains work together to jointly hack. In this fast-paced environment innovators that often have not met before brainstorm new solution ideas, validate their approaches and even create MVPs based on new concepts, new software applications or hardware.

Our Hackathon is actually a HackWeek!

From 19 to 23 June, 2023, we will focus on co-creating to solve challenges in proptech and mobility:

Self-sufficient and sustainable buildings:

  • HVAC optimization
  • Retrofitting of buildings and technologies
  • Non-sustainable and centralized energy reliance

Efficient and low-emission urban mobility:

  • Last-mile delivery
  • Alternative infrastructure: water, air, railroads
  • Micromobility

+ Challenge by DILAX:

Design a REST-based endpoint that creates a prediction based on the current occupancy and delay of the last station for a given route. The endpoint should also provide insights into the expected occupancy and delay for the remaining stations along the route.

+ Challenge by AgroSolar Europe:

Create a solution for the efficient transfer of green energy from agrivoltaics to grid energy to be used in mobility and/or proptech in Berlin.

Where does it take place and how shall I present my project?

The Finale of the hackathon takes place on Friday, 23 June, 2023 which is the day of the final project presentations!

All activities including the HackWeek happen online. The pitching event on Friday, 23 June, 2023 might take place hybrid, at a studio in Berlin. All participants, that are willing to pitch there can then choose between presenting on-site or online. The minimum requirement for being eligible for the prizes is regardless of this opportunity the participation in the pitching event online. More details on the possible pitching opportunity on-site will be shared in a timely manner, prior to the HackWeek.

How to prepare well?

Organize yourselves into teams!Ideally, each team should consist of programmers, designers and other team members with social and business skills, that can bring the project to fruition. 

Check out the challenges and brainstorm first ideas. Prepare for example application ideas and make related drawings in form of wireframes. 

Keep up to date on TAIKAI and do not miss important deadlines!

Search for and combine open public data and interfaces (APIs, web services etc.). Recommend your own to all participants. 

Read the FAQ page regularly as it give important updates.

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