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Play & Earn with TELOS

Fun to play Games to entertain users and gives chance to win awesome rewards. Play Rock Paper Scissors, Choose The Color, Lottery and more, Easy to play games.

  • 800 Raised
  • 4 Juries


  • Games and Play-2-Earn
  • Your Idea!



Play to Earn with Telos features unique and easy to play games that entertain users and helps to interact more with crypto and blockchain.

The given project has 3 games as of now. But more are coming..

1. Rock Paper Scissor.

2. Choose The Colour.

3. Lottery. 

All are 1 click games and very easy to interact with. Just connect with the TELOS EVM network and you are ready to Rock.

All games are safe to play, Smart Contracts are well maintained and completely secure.

Visit https://telos.bogman.xyz to Play the Game.