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_Original GemDucks_

A gang of 50 OG Ducks harnessing the power of the GEM to innovate NFTs.

  • 7,846 Raised
  • 96 Juries



Scattered across different timelines, they are harnessing the power of the GEM to build legacies becoming the Original GemDucks.

The collection is with a maximum supply of 50 unique NFTs which are trained to incentivize their holders. An attribute displayed by giving up to 25 TLOS cashbacks to early minters. 

The OG Duck collection is aimed at launching the GemDucks and serving as a forerunner. The closest mark on the gem map is kickstarting game development once 90% the collection has been minted. 

Presented now in flavors of professions, attires, and accessories, their purpose was searching the chains for gems. Now they are set to build a home, an empire powered by the Telos blockchain and their infinite will to progress. A space where they intend to build gems and themselves as gems. Mint here

Thought for prize Telos?

The primary target for the prize is to facilitate development of our innovative ideas.

The OG Ducks are the face for what is coming, what we're are bringing and everyone is welcomed to be part of this journey.  By minting an OG Duck, Voting for the Original GemDuck, social engagement. 

Own an OG Duck and shape innovation with us.

It is a motive of ours to innovate experience with NFTs especially here on Telos.

Already, we have a smart contract that lets our holders easily create their NFTs on the TelosEVM. The smart contract is tested and once the UI is tested&deployed and will be open to our community once completed.

Staking OG Duck NFT for $GEMTY is coming soon.

INNOVATIONS ARE EASIER SAID THAN DONE; Vote for the Original GemDucks and together we'll forge a new experience for NFTs on the Telos Blockchain. We have brought the OG Ducks, we calling for your support to manifest the innovations.


Collection size: 50

Price per NFT: 100 Telos 

14 of 50 OG Ducks have been minted

Minted OG Ducks can be found Here on AreaXNFT. Only 2 OG Duck NFTs are listed for secondary sale Here on TofuNFT at a floor price of 500 Telos.


Website: ogducks.gemtexch.com

Twitter: @gemtexchnology

Telegram: @gemtexchnology

Discord: HF8J2nESuq

Instagram: @gemtexchnology