- A Premium Anime Collection: MochiNFT -

Looking to pivot into the space of premium digital anime collectibles, we want to bring our collection of original anime crypto characters to life on the Telos blockchain.

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Looking to pivot into the space of premium digital anime collectibles, we are bringing our collection of original anime characters to life on the Telos blockchain. Mochi NFTs are non-generative, meaning each design has been individually conceptualised, drafted and then designed by a team of 3 on-board anime artists. Each character has its roots in crypto, being inspired in some way (colour, accessories, theme) by forms of different crypto tokens. 

Rather than 10,000 generically created images, our eco-system will be based on our own rarity system tier system, our Mochi 'cardonomics'. Inspired by traditional trading card games, the 3 rarities available at launch of our 50x 'Generation 1' cards are: Legendary (10 available), Rare (15 available) & Common (25 available). Please note, rarity and supply is still under consideration, rarity supply in particular is subject to slight change if deemed necessary.


MochiNFT is a smaller collection of premium art designs, the project vision is heavily inspired by traditional trading card models. Collectability and governance over future designs are intended to be the key utility behind MochiNFT. The idea is that those that remain loyal to the collection will flesh out their own, trading cards with other users (using 3rd party sales platforms/trading dApps) to collect their favourite cards and designs.

The MissionNFT prize fund would be used to help onboard the MochiNFT collection onto the Telos eco-system, and then fund the development of 'Generation 2'. 'Generation 2' would be a further collection of characters, with designs also influenced by crypto-token concepts. In the spirit of governance upheld by the TELOS chain, our holders would have greater influence over design choices going forward - opting for a collaborative approach on 'Generation 2' designs. This collaboration would be between holders and the project lead, and would be discussed in an exclusive holders Discord server.


As mentioned in the 'Project Outline', MochiNFT is a non-generative project. This means each design takes a considerable amount of time to conceptualise and design. Our designs are not generated from 100s of layers, but designed from the ground-up. This means that our project price/supply has a unique position. Each design/card should be presented as a 'Premium' piece of art, rather than 1/10,000 'PFP style' NFT.

It is important to note that this project has been self-funded by the project-founder, the artists working on the team have already been paid in full, so the project is not reliant on 'sales' to survive. This means that pricing will be flexible and at a very reasonable rate to onboard users onto 'Generation 1'.

  • MochiNFT currently has 50 original designs.
  • The provisional idea is to have the supply at: Legendary Rarity (10 available), Rare Rarity (15 available) & Common Rarity (25 available).
  • These supply numbers can also be increased by increasing the supply of each rarity. For example, increasing the 'Common Rarity' to 3 supply per card. Naturally this would have a deflationary impact on price per card. This decision would be finalised and made clear to minters before mint is live.
  • Initially the mint price could be in the region of 10-25$ p/card mint (and equalised according to value of $TLOS at the time of launch).  As mentioned above, the project is not reliant on recouping funds in order to sustain itself. The MissionNFT prize fund however, would be used to help fund 'Generation 2', and work on marketing/utility for further project development.

Founder/Project Lead: https://twitter.com/mochi3th
Lead Artist 1: https://www.instagram.com/prayogo.z_/
Lead Artist 2: https://www.instagram.com/zzzsnip/
Lead Artist 3: AkkaChan