Welcome to Pragma Cairo 1.0 Hackathon - Summer 2023

The awaited release of a fully functional Cairo 1.0 is finally here. It’s now time to take advantage of this amazing tool and bring new developers to the Starknet ecosystem. To promote the adoption of Cairo 1.0 and encourage fresh minds to join our community and build innovative applications, Pragma Oracle is organising a two-week online hackathon.

the Taikai platform is your hackathon headquarter. You will find all the necessary information to track with the everything. Register, submit, find hackers & attend workshops all in one place.

All Workshops are hosted on the Pragma Oracle Twitch page. This will serve as our central hub for hosting all of the events.

To keep track of all announcement - Follow us on Twitter !

Submit your project - a step by step guide !!

🎯 Goals

The Pragma hackathon seeks to grow our StarkNet community, to load up developers with all the essential tools to start with Cairo 1.0, and to spark a wave of fresh innovation. We can't wait to see what creative wonders you'll bring to life in these two exciting weeks!

📅 Important Dates (CET)

June 11th: 

  • Opening Ceremony - 2pm CET

June 12th:

  • 9 AM - Start of the Hackathon

June 18th:

  • 11:59 PM - Registration deadline!

June 25th:

  • 11:59 PM - Submission deadline!

July 3rd:

  • Closing Ceremony & Results - Time TBD

🏆 Sponsors

⚪ StarkWare - $20K

🟡 Madara - $10K

🟡 Lambda Class - $10K

🟡 Flowdesk - $10K + 3 months of free market making

🟠 Nethermind - $5K

🟠 Realms - $3.3K

🟠 Briq - $3.3K

🟠 Cartridge - $3.3K

🔵 zkLend - $2K

🔵 Starknet ID - $2K

🔵 Herodotus - $2K

🔵 AVNU - $2K

🔵 Checkpoint by Snapshot - $2K

🔵 Argent - $1K