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PULSE, the heartbeat of your ideas

PULSE is a technology challenge organized by the Nova SBE Digital Experience Lab that will give your idea a body and make it pulse.

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Where is the Pulse project taking place?

The challenge will take place at Nova SBE, Rua Holanda 1, Carcavelos, Digital Experience Lab, Room D 134.

How much does it cost?

Pulse is free for all candidates.

Being a team challenge, can I apply individually?

Yes, the registration can be done individually. However, we recommend you participate as a team of up to 5 members. We can assist you finding a team if needed.

Do I need any technical skills to participate?

No. Although this is a project looking for technical innovations on campus this can take many forms and you will receive some support from the staff of the Digital Experience Lab if needed.

Do I get a participation certificate at the end?

Yes, we will provide participation certificates to all participants after the challenge.

My participation in the Pulse program gives me equivalence to the course Managing Impactful Projects (BSc)?

Yes*, if you are participating in the third stage of Pulse you are eligible to get credit for the course Managing Impactful Projects. This does not affect your other eligibility in the Pulse program for prizes & awards. You either are already part of a team or join a project team that is still in the challenge in the third stage. If you want to get credit for the course Managing Impactful Projects but weren’t able to find a team with open spots, the organising committee will create teams outside of the challenge with an idea to be developed in parallel with the program. The rules are the same but without the prizes.

I’m a master’s student, can I write my project work about Pulse?

Yes*, master student team members are able to write their field lab about their PULSE project, earning them their ECTS credits for the work project. If you want to submit a report of your project as a field lab/work project /thesis, please contact us.

*Please follow all procedures in accordance with the academic offices for your program.

Still have questions?

Ask us via [email protected]