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PULSE, the heartbeat of your ideas

PULSE is a technology challenge organized by the Nova SBE Digital Experience Lab that will give your idea a body and make it pulse.

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  • PULSE is a challenge organized by the Digital Experience Lab of Nova SBE that addresses challenges associated with technology and society. This edition will address the topic "University of the Future";

  • The goal is to finish the challenge with a set of concrete and creative solutions with a direct contribution to society;

  • The target of the challenge are students and recent students from Nova SBE;

  • At the end of the challenge, each team presents the developed work on the closing ceremony and in an exhibition on campus;

  • Participants will have access to diverse experts, events, training, tools, and material that will support them to solve the given challenge;

  • The challenge will begin on January 27th 2020 with the registration and will finish on May 8 2020;

  • The challenge and all associated events will take place at the Digital Experience Lab of Nova SBE;

1. Participation

To participate in the Pulse program we have seven options for students:

1.1 From the start Get involved early on and participate in the first stage with an idea and, if your idea is selected, move forward to the other stages of the challenge.

1.2. Option for those whose idea didn’t get selected for the next phase If you participated with an idea but it didn’t move forward in the challenge, you can join another team that has moved to the next phase. The team has to declare you as a new member.

1.3. Option for those who just want to give the idea If you participate with an idea and the idea goes to the next phase but you don’t want to participate anymore, you can donate the idea so other students can create a team to explore it and move forward the program. You will only be rewarded for the idea stage.

1.4. Option for those who did not submit ideas If you didn’t submit an idea but would like to participate in a team that is in the challenge, register with the organizing committee who will try to find you a team.

1.5. Participate in Pulse and get credit for Managing Impactful Projects (BSc) If you are participating in the third stage of Pulse you are eligible to get credit for the course Managing Impactful Projects. This does not affect your other eligibility in the Pulse program for prizes & awards. You either are already part of a team or join a project team that is still in the challenge in the third stage.

1.6. No team but would like to get credit for the course Managing Impactful Projects (BSc) If you want to get credit for the course Managing Impactful Projects but weren’t able to find a team with open spots, the organizing committee will create teams outside of the challenge with an idea to be developed in parallel with the program. The rules are the same but without the prizes.

1.7. Participate in Pulse and use it as the foundation for your Master’s Work Project (MSc) If you participate in the third stage of the challenge you and/or your team can use that experience as the foundation for the work project, with the report describing the work done and the impact of the proposed solution at an individual, organizational and societal levels.

2. Registration

The registration can be done individually or as a Team of up to 5 members: In case a registration is done as a Team, the registration is considered complete when all the Team members have completed the individual registration and the Team has been created by one member of the Team; The Organizers must confirm the registration of all Participants and of all Teams through email; The Organizers reserve the right to withhold a registration in case it believes that the profile does not fit the challenge goals.

3. Organization

PULSE is organized by the faculty, staff, and students of the Digital Experience Lab of Nova SBE. The coordination of the organization will be carried out by the Head of the Digital Experience Lab.

4. Application and eligibility

The candidate teams may include 1 to 5 members, in which at least half of them must be Nova SBE students in good standing or graduates of Nova SBE within the last two years (2017, 2018, 2019). We permit individual work, but we encourage interdisciplinary teams of 3-5 members. The application of each candidate team must include a summary of the project proposal, which must be focused on one of the challenges. Individual candidates can indicate if they wish to participate in a team, which the organizers of the event will put together. Prior to the event, there will be a kick-off event recommended to registered teams.

5. Rewards

  • Different stages have different rewards. Only those who participate in each stage will be rewarded. Examples: If you contribute with a selected idea and don’t move forward with it, you only receive a reward for the idea stage. If you join a team later on in the program, you’re only eligible for rewards from that point on, depending on how the team decides to exercise their rewards. If you are in a non-challenge project for credit in Managing Impactful Projects, you’re not eligible for rewards.

6. Equipment, Commodities and Support

  • The Organizers will provide a venue for the development of the activities planned for the project;
  • The Teams should bring computers and other equipment that they find relevant;
  • The Organizing Entity will provide support for the participants through mentorship and technical assistance;
  • The Organizing Entity will grant financial support to realise the final prototype, exhibition, and presentation.

7. Terms of participation

For the application and participation in this initiative, participants agree to the following conditions:

  • Competing ideas shall not contain copyrighted or proprietary materials (including photographs, sculptures, paintings and other works of art or images posted on websites or on television, movies or other media).

  • Competing ideas shall not contain names, images, photographs or other evidence of identification of any person, dead or alive, without explicit permission from them or their representatives.

  • The ideas in the contest must be original, not being commercially published or licensed previously.

  • Participants further declare and ensure that publication of their participation and developed the project through various means does not violate the rights of third parties.

  • If the organization has reason to suspect unfair, misleading or fraudulent conduct by any participant or third parties, in any way, the organization reserves the right to disqualify anyone deemed to be reasonably responsible, or because it is associated with inappropriate behaviour.

8. Cancellation Policy

  • The Participant has the right to cancel his/her registration, which should be done by contacting the Organizers at [email protected]

  • In case of withdrawal of any Participant, the Organizers must be informed.

  • The organization reserves the right to change or cancel the event at any time by sending a notification to candidates already registered. These terms and conditions were created on 08th January 2020.