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PULSE, the heartbeat of your ideas

PULSE is a technology challenge organized by the Nova SBE Digital Experience Lab that will give your idea a body and make it pulse.

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Can you imagine the campus of tomorrow?

Note: Participants need to be Nova SBE students or graduates within the last two years to apply. When registering as a team, at least half of the team members need to be Nova SBE students or have graduated within the last two years.

In order to apply to vote, you need to be a Nova SBE member (student, alumni, staff or other). To verify that you are a Nova SBE member, you need to sign up with a Nova SBE email.


The Nova SBE Digital Experience Lab announces PULSE, a challenge that aims to empower curious minds and encourage participants to present new technological solutions to improve the quality of life in our Campus. Along with some Corporate Partners, the goal is to use state-of-the-art tools and methods, paired with creativity and critical thinking all the way from ideation through prototyping. In the end, teams will have the opportunity to present their projects and be awarded prizes and academic benefits.


What opportunities are there for technology to have an impact on a small ecosystem like a campus and its community? PULSE is a student challenge seeking new ideas for the use of technology on Campus. Participants are invited to submit and develop ideas for the university of tomorrow. The project is divided into three consecutive stages: Ideation, Development and Demonstration. In the end, teams will have the opportunity to present their work and a prize will be awarded to top teams.


First Stage | Ideation

Participants submit an idea they would like to see implemented on our campus. To be considered for evaluation, teams must hand in the following:

  • Problem definition - what is it that you want to address;
  • Research that supports the argument that the topic addressed is relevant. In this phase, participants will develop their idea in terms of desirability, feasibility and viability – Design Thinking.

It's possible to submit ideas related to the main challenge Pulse or one of the sub-challenges Smart Outdoors - Schréder stream. All the ideas will be available to the entire Nova SBE community so everyone can vote for their favourites.

Second Stage | Development

Participants begin to develop their idea and make the prototype.

Third Stage | Demonstration

Finally, participants will have the opportunity to present their work throughout the program to the entire Nova SBE community.


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Organizing Committee

Nova SBE Digital Experience Lab

Room D 134

Campus de Carcavelos | Rua da Holanda, 1

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