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Nova SBE Community Voting is Open!

2 months ago

Hello Heartbeaters ❤️

Participation is now closed and it's time for the Nova SBE community to vote on the best projects! Each backer of the previous voting phase has been awarded with 1.000 KAI to select the best projects until the 5th of May.

Feel free to share your project link with your Nova SBE friends and colleagues for them to vote on you.

👉 Remember: In order to vote, you need to be registered with a Nova SBE email and it may take up to 24h for your account to be validated and your KAI allocated.

Best of luck and keep being awesome! 😎

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Time is almost up!

2 months ago

Hello Heartbeaters ❤️

We hope you guys are excited about the final stage of this Nova SBE challenge. 😎

Don't forget you only have 2 hours to submit the final version of your project! Video and document uploads, an updated version of the description, etc.

Best of luck!


    Backers need to be Nova SBE members

    5 months ago

    Hello! To be a Backer you need to have an account with a Nova SBE e-mail. Any e-mails that doesn't belong to Nova SBE to be removed. Thank you.

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