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Cyberframe is a cutting-edge digital poster. It enables you to transform your space with the future of home decoration.

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Cyberframe produces innovative digital posters designed for a variety of applications such as bring life and motion to blank and boring spaces through animated images or display a wide range of information, like branding, achievements, promotions, and medical procedures.

The posters are fully controlled via Wi-Fi through an app, and they have an easy procedure of mounting by using special stickers in the back of the poster, avoiding drilling holes on the walls. Additionally, they use a battery system that can be easily removed from the poster by the customer, such a power bank, which can later be easily charged using a charger like the ones used for mobile phones. With this system, the annoying dangling wires are eliminated and there is no need to have electrical plugs near the spot where the poster is installed.

Cyberframe's digital posters are versatile, easy to use, and highly customizable, making them a great choice for anyone who wants to enhance their living or working environments with an innovative, modern touch. Their animated images can be especially useful in a variety of settings, such as living rooms, offices, restaurants, and hospitals, where they can help to create a more engaging and dynamic atmosphere.

Cyberframe is an excellent choice for anyone or any company/organization looking to improve their environment with cutting-edge technology.