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This is THE hackathon in 2021 for Web3.0 innovators! Interested in working with IPFS and Filecoin, then join us.

  • 50 Participants


  • Education
  • Health
  • Software & Services
  • Blockchain
  • DeFI


AEDT timezone - Open to countries in Oceania & Asia

We are generating data at a rapid pace. It is so exponential that today’s Web2.0 centralised cloud storage solutions will not be able to scale or provide the experience we need in the future.


IPFS is a decentralised web protocol for sharing data quickly and easily. Filecoin, built on top of IPFS supports storing data long-term via on-chain deals. Together, they will enable us to break free from centralised services while conveniently allowing us to enjoy the same luxuries of speed and guaranteed storage that centralised services would bring.


This challenge is seeking innovators to design UX and/or develop functionality that takes advantage of these new decentralised, verifiable data possibilities. Technologists and designers will need to solve cyber risk management in the future, the verifiable nature of the IPFS protocols in the Filecoin distributed network has the potential to deliver next generation trusted data storage solutions.


While the Web3.0 subject area is new, we ensure that you will be educated and supported before, during and after the event.


Teams are invited to participate in either of two challenges delivering either build/ MVP or design of experience that produces working prototypes:

  Challenge 1 (Industry): Design experience or build functionality that uses IPFS and/or Filecoin to solve a problem specific to one industry.

If you are a team working on challenge 1 some key industry focus areas are:-

i) Tertiary education

ii) Health records

iii) Environmental sciences

iv) NFTs

v) Music Industry

  Challenge 2 (Integrations): Design experience or build functionality that integrates IPFS/Filecoin storage with Web3 networks such as NEAR, Polygon, Flow smart contracts, or Chainlink oracles.

To equip you to perform and be competitive in the challenge we will provide educational resources for you to learn at your own pace, live Q&A sessions and 1-1 mentors and experts during the event.


You can earn to learn and should your project be shortlisted you will gain exposure to a global community and opportunities.

  Why participate?

To learn and win.

  • Access free education and mentors. 
  • The top talent will be exposed to a global network of job and venture opportunities.
  • The next generation of Web3.0 technologies will shape our future, be part of designing it!

  Who can apply?

Anyone with an interest in Web3.0 and Filecoin.

  • Assemble a team sized between 2-5 people.
  • Oceania region within the AEDT timezone. Please do not apply if you are not in this region.
  • Spots are limited, at the point team sign ups are at capacity registrations will close.


Anyone with an dev or design background.

  • Computer Science & IT grads/ undergrads.
  • Design (CX/ UX) grads/ undergrads.
  • Technology enterprises (professional devs or designers) with interest in Web3.0 & Filecoin.
  • Self-taught individuals with design or dev experience.

  What teams need to deliver

Teams will focus on either:

  • Build of MVP/functionality where you will need to produce code and a working demo.
  • UX design prototype where you will be designing experience and a working prototype.

  How to register and set up a team?

  • First, create an account here on the TAIKAI platform. This is the hackathon hosted platform we will be using, and where you will be uploading documents and completing your profile. 
  • Then return to this challenge page to register for the event completing your individual registration by filling out the registration form.  Your profile will appear on the "Innovators" tab.
  • Once all team members have 1) a TAIKAI account and 2) are registered for the Holon Innovate 2021 hackathon, then the team lead can open a project. At this stage only Project name is required.
  • When the project is open, the team lead can link all team members into a team via the "Matchmaking" tab. 
  • For any assistance, use chat via the platform and we will assist you.