Registrations open 7-October – 12-November    

Individuals complete platform sign up and challenge registration.  

Ahead of the event, nominate a Team Leader who will create the your project and add all Team Members. You are free to discuss candidates for your project however not permitted to commence work until the event.

Spots are limited, at the point team sign ups are at capacity registrations will close.

⏱ Education sessions 9-November and 15-November

There will be two education session on the 9th and 15th of November where teams have the opportunity for Q&A.

Additionally, Teams can access a lot of educational content through the Education tab and learn at your own pace.

⏱ Pre-hackathon information session Wednesday 17th November

This session will provide teams with an overview of the event, code of conduct, information about prizes, event agenda and be an opportunity to ask any questions. This requires mandatory attendance from all teams.

⏱ Hackathon kick-off 12:00pm Saturday 20th November 

The event commences virtually with speakers and access to mentors. Stay tuned for the agenda prior to the event.

From the 20th November, the team can start to work on the project on the Taikai platform creating the following sections: 

  1. The problem you are aiming to solve. The more detailed and backed by real numbers the better 
  2. The value proposition. What is the solution you bring and how is it innovative relating to what exists right now. What specific areas are you improving or changing? Overall, how does your project adds value to the world.
  3. How would it work. In practical terms, how would your solution and approach work?  
  4. The technology (technical approach). What are the technologies you are using and how do they work in order to create the solution?  
  5. The team. Let us know who are the innovators behind the project. Tell us a bit about yourselves, your backgrounds and skills. 

Remember to detail your project description as much as possible. This will make it easier for the judges to evaluate it. Use an illustrative and clear approach to showcase your solution and highlight its contribution and value add to the challenge and add any other relevant documentation your project may require.

⏱ Submissions due 9:00am Thursday 25th November

Be sure to complete your project materials which will include some of the following; github repository, prototypes, designs, any supporting material and submit before the cut-off 0900am AEDT Thursday 25th November. Submissions will not be accepted beyond this time. Make sure the project contains:  

  1. Project Description
  2. Your conclusions and results 
  3. A short presentation (strictly no more than 15 slides) or a short video (strictly no more than 5 mins) that explains your idea and showcases the prototype or MVP.  Demos or working prototypes will be extremely useful in understanding your concept and solution. Explain the team’s thinking process that led to the solution. Make it interesting and creative - this is an opportunity to pass your team spirit and the potential of your solution to the judges. 
  4. Upload any other relevant documentation. 
  5. If there is any code or documentation, please submit it to GitHub and share with us the project link.

The judges will review each project submission and shortlist the 10 best teams to pitch the following day. Visit the Prizes section and the Rules to get familiar with the Evaluation criteria. 

At the end of the day there will be a live session announcing the shortlisted teams.

If your team is among the shortlisted teams, you will prepare for a 10 min pitch.

⏱ Finalist pitching 9:00am Friday 26th November

Shortlisted teams will be allowed a 10min pitch for the judges to understand the concept and ask Q&A to assist in evaluating submissions.

⏱ Winners announcement - the afternoon of Friday 26th November 
Judges will announce the winning team via a live session. 

Winners will also be announced on the platform in the "Updates" section and by email.