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This is THE hackathon in 2021 for Web3.0 innovators! Interested in working with IPFS and Filecoin, then join us.

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What is Holon Innovate 2021 Hackathon? 

It is an initiative sponsored by Holon Global Innovations together with Protocol Labs, RMIT, Block8 and Moda DAO to work on real world solutions related to IPFS and Filecoin. It is an online competition where developers, engineers, designers, students will compete to create a tech solution.


How much does it cost? 

Holon Innovate Hackathon is free for anyone who wants to participate. 


Who can participate in the challenge? 

The Hackathon is open to anyone with a creative or technical profile situated in the APAC timezone. 

I don't know much about IPFS and Filecoin, what do I need to know/ learn to participate? 

You will need to have an understanding of Web3.0 data storage protocols - IPFS and the system Filecoin. There is some excellent resources which Protocol Labs have made available so that you can learn at your own pace and we will run a couple of pre-event sessions where you may bring any questions you have. We will have mentors available as well throughout the challenge. 

Can I participate alone? 

No, you need to have a team to participate. Teams can be minimum 2 up to 5 people.

How do I form a team? 

Establish who is the team lead. As the Lead, ensure all your team members register individually as innovators on the registration page before the 12th of November. Afterwards, you can add your team members as project members using their username or registered email. 

How do I communicate with my team members? 

Through Discord. You'll find a links in the Hackathon site. We will provide you with an email and password to access a dedicated account to this Hackathon. Through these channels will have access to your mentors, and a dedicated channel called #AskAnything where you can ask anything you want. 

Is there any support available? 

Yes. There will be mentors available to provide feedback during the Hackathon (20-Nov to 24-Nov). When the hackathon commences, we will provide further information on how to get in touch with the mentors. 

Who will be able to see my teams project details? 

The published projects and draft projects are only visible to your project team, the organisers and the judges, no one is able to copy or clone your project resources to use on their submission during the hackathon. After the competition is finished and the results are revealed, the project details become visible to anyone who visits the platform. 

Can a team apply with an idea which has already been developed? 

Teams can have concepts and ideas, but the project cannot have been design, developed or participated in an acceleration program and/or received a financial award prior to this event. 

How does a team submit their project? 

After your registration, you'll find a button to “Create a project”. Add a name, a description and who will join you on your team. It will also be on your project page where you will showcase some of the deliverables required throughout the Hackathon. Don't forget to click on "Publish" to have your project visible to the jury and organization. You can do as many changes as you need until the submission deadline. 

What are the deliverables for this challenge? 

Complete the TAIKAI Project Page and Description creating the following sections: 

  1. The problem you are aiming to solve. The more detailed and backed by real numbers the better. 
  2. The value proposition. What is the solution your team is working on and how is it innovative relating to what exists right now. What specific areas are you improving or changing? Overall, how does your project adds value to the world.
  3. How would it work. In practical terms, how would your solution and approach work?  
  4. The technology (technical approach). What are the technologies you are using and how do they work in order to create the solution?  
  5. The team. Let us know who are the innovators behind the project. Tell us a bit about yourselves, your backgrounds and skills. 
  6.  Conclusions and Results 
  • Develop a short video (no more than 5 mins) or presentation (no more than 15 slides). These rules are mandatory. The judges will stop watching at 5 mins or going through the presentation after 15 slides. You can explain your idea in your own words or showcase your prototype/ MVP, explain the team’s thinking process that led to your solution. Make it interesting and creative - this is an opportunity to pass your team spirit and the potential of your solution to the judges.; 
  • Upload any other relevant documentation. 
  • If there is any code or design documentation, please submit it to GitHub and share with us the project link. 

Remember to describe and detail your ideas and project description. This will make it easier for the judges to evaluate it. Use an illustrative and clear approach to showcase your solution and highlight its contribution and added value to the defined challenge and add any other relevant documentation your project may require.

Is English the official language? 

Yes. All the communication of the Hackathon is done in English. 

How are winners selected? 

The winners are selected by a group of judges selected by the organisation. They will evaluate the project submissions based on the criteria defined and on a project pitch session on the 26th Nov. Each judge will rate based on the category criteria, for example, if it is:

- Category 1 Build/ MVP: the technology component will be weighted higher and the design weighted lower. 

- Category 2 Design UX: the design component will be weighted higher and the technology/ builder weighted lower. 

Get to know the Evaluation criteria in the "Prizes" section. 


Who owns the project's intellectual property? 

All work developed during the hackathon remains the rights of the creators and teams who developed the projects in entirety. Teams as owners to the intellectual property rights are free to further develop and commercialise their concepts as they see fit


What are the Holon Innovate 2021 prizes? 

Some of the biggest prize money in APAC 2021 is up for grabs. The top 3 teams in 2 categories will win prize money in FIL (The Filecoin utility coin): 

1st $15,000 in FIL 

2nd $8,000 in FIL 

3rd $2,000 in FIL 

There is a bonus prize of $5,000 Moda DAO tokens if the solution is targeted at the music industry.

That is a total of 7 separate opportunities for teams to win - some fantastic odds!

How will the prize be paid? 

Winners will be informed by the Organization about their Prize via email, at the latest, 15 days after the challenge, to their accounts communicated upon Registration on the taikai.network

Could the event be postponed? 

It's been a tough year for many and virtual hackathons are becoming the new normal, however should the event not get 20 team registrations that are confirmed to attend from the 20-Nov the event may get postponed until 2022.

When will the winners be announced? 

Holon Innovate 2021 Hackathon winners will be announced on the 26 November 2021.

Still have questions? 

If you have any technical questions about the TAIKAI platform, please reach out to: [email protected] 

If you have any questions about the challenge or its rules or want to get in touch with the organization, please reach out on Discord