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Art and Innovation Tulsa 2023

https://www.artintulsa.com/ 3-days of art and tech. Virtual or IRL. Tulsa, Oklahoma 2023. Nov 3-5.

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  • Blockchain
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Art & Innovation in Tulsa 2023

7-days of virtual hackathon followed by 3-days of art and tech in Tulsa, Oklahoma Nov 3-5 @ WoMPA, the Midwest's largest creative compound.

Bridge the gap between the art world and emerging technologies and create innovative solutions that empower artists, curators, and art enthusiasts, using technologies like XR, AI, and web3. 

40 free spots available for the on-site portion of the event which include attendance and meals. Indicate your wish to join us in person through the registration form. We will go through applications in the order they were received and notify everyone as soon as possible.

The Creative Nexus at Tulsa & WoMPA

Situated at the nation's crossroads, Tulsa and WoMPA form an unparalleled hub for creativity. WoMPA, the Midwest's largest creative compound, offers a captivating backdrop of art and décor fueling creative brilliance. Meanwhile, Tulsa's vibrant culture comes alive through live music and local cuisine, offering a rich tapestry of experiences for all attendees. Tulsa is a thriving ecosystem for artists, tech professionals, and community leaders. The city's renowned First Fridays Art Crawl draws over 3,000 people to Downtown Tulsa each month, showcasing its vibrant arts scene. Coupled with events like Atento Capital's First Friday Mixer, Tulsa serves as a fertile ground for tech innovation and community building. With state-of-the-art facilities and a nurturing atmosphere for innovation, this is the ideal setting to bring your visions to life. Register for Art & Innovation Tulsa 2023 today.

Expert-Led Panels and Workshops

Learn from the best in the fields of art, technology, and entrepreneurship. Our event features a lineup of industry experts who will share their insights, and experiences. Whether you're an artist looking to venture into the digital realm or a tech professional interested in the creative industries, our panels and workshops offer invaluable knowledge and skills.

Unmatched Networking Opportunities

This isn't just another conference; it's a meeting ground for like-minded individuals who are passionate about innovation and creativity. Connect with artists, tech professionals, investors, and community leaders both locally and globally. Our event's structure is designed to facilitate meaningful connections that can lead to future collaborations or business opportunities.

Hands-On Innovation

Art & Innovation Tulsa 2023 is not just about listening and learning; it's about doing. Participate in hackathons, interactive art installations, and open-source projects. This is your chance to apply what you've learned, test new ideas, and even launch your own project. With resources and mentors readily available, you'll have everything you need to turn your creative visions into reality.

Curated Local Eats

At Art & Innovation Tulsa 2023, we believe that great ideas are fueled by good food. That's why we've curated a menu featuring some of Tulsa's diverse culinary staples. We are happy to provide alternative options to accommodate all dietary needs. With grab-and-go snacks and a variety of beverages, we've created a dining experience that's perfect for networking and fueling groundbreaking innovation!

Live Entertainment

It's not just about feeding the body, but feeding the soul. As each day ends we'll have some of Tulsa's best underground artists performing live music while you chill out after a long day. Whether you like to lounge around or dance, there's a little bit of something for everyone.


I.  Foster collaboration between artists and tech professionals.

II.  Create prototypes or MVPs that solve real-world problems in the art ecosystem.

III.  Validate market demand and user engagement for art-tech solutions.

IV.  Provide a platform for networking and future partnerships.


Art Curation & Discovery: Solutions for curators to discover new artists or artworks.

Digital Art Display Galleries: Make displaying digital art more immersive, engaging, and easy.

Community Engagement: Tools for audience engagement, both online and offline.

Art Economy: Enhance artists ability to sell artwork and support themselves financially. 


The hackathon is open to artists, tech professionals, designers, curators, and anyone interested in the intersection of art and technology. Whether you're a seasoned developer or an artist curious about tech, all skill levels are welcome. We just ask that come prepared to collaborate and have fun.


  • A working prototype or MVP of the solution.
  • A short presentation summarizing the problem, solution, and future possibilities.
  • Documentation outlining the technical architecture, user flow, and future roadmap.

Important Dates

  • Bounties announced: Oct 19, 8pm CT
  • Hackathon Kickoff Call in Discord: Oct 26, 8-9:00pm CT
  • Opening Day: Nov 3
    • Keynote Speech: 5:00pm
    • Opening Art Exhibition: 6-10:00pm
    • Tulsa Arts District First Friday Art Crawl: 6-9:00pm 
    • Atento Capital's First Friday Mixer: 5-7:00pm 
  • Build Day: Nov 4
    • Public Presentations & Workshop: 1-3:00pm
  • Final Day: Nov 5
    • Submission Deadline: 2:00pm
    • Judging: 7:00pm
    • Enhanced Art Exhibition: 7-10:00pm
    • Closing Words: 10:00pm

Art & Innovation Tulsa 2023 Code of Conduct


Welcome to Art & Innovation Tulsa 2023. This Code of Conduct outlines our expectations for participant behavior. 

Section I: General Conduct

Respect: All attendees are expected to treat each other with respect. Harassment or discrimination of any kind will result in immediate expulsion from the event, a ban from future events, and notification of authorities as required.

Professionalism: Maintain a high level of professionalism. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion and future bans.

No Solicitation: Direct recruitment or hard selling is not permitted. Focus on collaboration and relationship-building.

Section II: Event-Specific Guidelines

Guests: All attendees must apply individually. No guests are allowed unless special exceptions are made.

Punctuality: Please be on time for all scheduled activities to minimize disruption.

Section III: Technology & Amenities

Wi-Fi: High-speed Wi-Fi is available. Misuse of this service will result in immediate expulsion and future bans.

Recording: Talks will not be recorded due to logistical reasons. Unauthorized recording is prohibited.

Section IV: Food & Beverages

Consumption: Food and drinks are provided free for all attendees. Please be mindful of allergies and dietary restrictions.

Substance Use: Alcohol is not permitted on the premises. Cannabis and tobacco may be enjoyed outside by those legally allowed to use them.

Section V: Promotions & Advertising

Material Distribution: If you wish to distribute promotional materials, please contact us for approval beforehand.

Branding: Unauthorized use of Art & Innovation Tulsa 2023 branding is not permitted.

Section VI: Reporting & Consequences

Reporting: If you experience or witness unacceptable behavior, please report it to event staff immediately.

Consequences: Unacceptable behavior will result in immediate expulsion from the event, a ban from future events, and notification of authorities as required.


We strive to make Art & Innovation Tulsa 2023 accessible to all. If you have specific accessibility needs, please let us know how we can accommodate you.