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Art and Innovation Tulsa 2023

https://www.artintulsa.com/ 3-days of art and tech. Virtual or IRL. Tulsa, Oklahoma 2023. Nov 3-5.

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  • Media
  • Blockchain
  • NFT
  • Web3
  • VR/AR

What is Art & Innovation Tulsa 2023?

Art & Innovation Tulsa 2023 is a yearly technology event, spanning three days of art, tech, and collaboration. 

Who can attend Art & Innovation Tulsa 2023?

The event is targeted at creative minds with a technical profile, including but not limited to engineers, web designers, artists, and tech enthusiasts.

How are applicants selected?

Selection is based on the information provided when you register. Previous engagement in similar events is a plus. Resumes are not required; what matters is your passion for art and technology.

How much does it cost?

Art & Innovation Tulsa 2023 is free for all selected candidates.

Can I register our company employees in bulk?

No. Candidates must register and apply individually.

Do you cover transportation and/or accommodation costs?

No, but there may be discounts and partnerships announced closer to the event date.

Can I bring a guest to the event?

No. All attendees must apply to the event individually.

I was selected but can't attend the event, what do I do?

Please inform us so that another deserving candidate can take your place.

When will the schedule be available?

A detailed schedule will be maintained under the Timeline tab. 

Will there be a live stream from the event?

Due to logistical constraints, live streaming will not be available.

Will the talks be recorded?

Talks will not be recorded due to logistical reasons.

Is there food and beverages at the event?

Food and drinks will be provided free for all attendees. We'll be providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday and Sunday, and there will be snacks and beverages available.

Are there hotels nearby?

Art & Innovation Tulsa 2023's venue WoMPA is a 15 minute drive from most anywhere in Tulsa, so there should be plenty of accommodation. Feel free to ask in Discord or Telegram if you have any questions or need any help, we have plenty of friendly locals ready to assist you.

Is there Wi-Fi at the event?

Yes, high-speed Wi-Fi will be available throughout the venue.

I want to be a speaker at the event. How can I propose a talk?

Reach out in Discord, Telegram, or by email [email protected].

I want to hold a workshop at the event. How can I propose one?

Reach out in Discord, Telegram, or by email [email protected].

I am interested in becoming a sponsor, what do I do?

Reach out in Discord, Telegram, or by email [email protected].

I'm a tech/creative, but I also do recruiting. Is it OK if I talk to someone at Art & Innovation Tulsa 2023 to see if they're interested in working with me?

Direct recruitment is not allowed. Focus on genuine collaboration and relationship-building.

Can I leave a few flyers on the tables to advertise my group/event/company?

Contact us for approval before distributing any materials.

Still have questions?

Email us at [email protected] or ask us in Discord or Telegram.