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A smart pill dispenser that eases storage and dispensing of medication. Ensuring the correct dose on time and notifying users or caregivers.

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In Portugal the elderly represent over 20% of the population and this demographic reality brings out, inevitably, several repercussions. We focused our project on the inadequate administration of medication, a big issue that has become more evident in the healthcare industry, and decided to develop a potential solution. 

Regarding medication misuse, we are proposing the assembly of an automatic pill dispenser that both organizes and dispenses pills with an integrated alarm system, capable of informing either the designated caretaker or a close family member whenever a dose is missed. We intend to improve medication administration by implementing a carefree solution that decreases the risks associated with the administration of pills ameliorating the safety and reliability of such task. 

With a combination of Arduino microcontroller and Raspberry Pi processor we aim to develop a prototype capable of delivering the specifications mentioned. We firmly believe that our idea is innovative, and that there is room in the National Market for such device, especially, due to some of the original specifications we intend to implement. Furthermore, we are hopeful that such product would represent a helpful addiction in both homes and resting houses.