✴︎ Pre-Hack Webinar.   Thursday, Oct 6. Explore carbon-aware software development and brainstorm project ideas for #CarbonHack22.

  • You'll learn directly from Ismael Velasco, Lead Researcher, Green Software Foundation, about Carbon Awareness

  • Demo of the Carbon Aware SDK/API

  • This is a chance to network and partner with other designers, developers and technologists interested in submitting a project to #CarbonHack22

  • We're making it easier and more convenient to brainstorm project-worthy ideas that have the potential to win prizes from a total prize pool of $100,000 USD.

✴︎ Kick-off. 🚀 Thursday, October 13. Launch of the 3-week online Hackathon with a one hour online kick-off event! 

  • Kick off Webinar.
  • Intro to the hackathon: choosing the ideas, working in teams, mentors support, submission, judging process, how the three weeks will look like.
  • WattTime intro
  • Demo - how to get started
  • Q&A

✴︎ Hacking 👾 From October 13 to November 4. Online Hackathon supported by our Discord community, online mentors, and weekly online (1 hour) sessions.

✴︎ Weekly Sessions. 👋 Sessions will be streamed live with industry experts, followed by a Q&A session.

  • Live Session 1 Thursday, October 20.
  • Live Session 2 Thursday, October 27.
  • Live Session 3 Thursday, November 3. - ON DISCORD

✴︎ Deadline. ⚡️ Friday, November 4. All projects must be submitted before 12 AM PST.

✴︎ Award Day.    Thursday, November 10th. Online award event