World's first instantaneous, gasless, cross chain bridge

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Rift - Bridge Any Token, No Gas Needed

Rift is the world’s first instant, gasless cross-chain bridge for any token. This is possible via novel decentralized approach allowing anyone to be a provider. With Rift, you don't have to puzzle over which platform bridges which tokens to which chains. If there's a provider offering it, bridging any token to any chain is possible.

Plus, while you wait for the transaction, you get to compete in the most classic game of Snake —  the top scorer wins big prize!

Simple, seamless, and fun, that’s Rift.

Github Repo

Repo link (https://github.com/easonchai/rift)

How it's made?

The way Rift works is simple. Users will create a request to bridge tokens and providers will race to give the best rate to the users. This is facilitated with an off chain component called the Rift Guardian. The Rift Guardian ensures fair play among all providers, giving users the best experience possible. Providers can be anyone, opening up the opportunity for exponential growth and possibility to bridge any token, provided that at least one provider has it.

Once the user selects a provider to go with, they will sign a meta transaction which is intended to call the bridge escrow contract and deposit funds into it. Providers will then act as a relayer and send that meta transaction for you on chain. At the same time, they would initiate the process of sending funds to the destination address on the other chain.

The provider then sends the proof to the Rift Guardian, where it checks for the validity of the transaction and attests to it if it is a valid bridge request fulfilment. That attestation is given to the provider to withdraw funds from the escrow, since the escrow is locked by the Rift Guardian's signature.

The end result is a smooth, seamless and totally gas free experience for the end users!

🏆 Circle

- Supporting USDC tokens

🏆 Optimism

- Deployed on Optimism  P.S. We have a snake game!

🏆 Polygon

- Deployed on Polygon Cardona

🏆 Scroll

- Deployed on Scroll Sepolia

🏆 Ten Protocol

- Deployed on Ten Protocol

🏆 ThunderCore

- Deployed on ThunderCore

🏆 Zircuit

- Deployed on Zircuit

🏆 Linea

- Deployed on Linea  https://goerli.lineascan.build/address/0xaa68184b36016d7c6cd7675940ee42aa5c7686d4  P.S. We have a frog easter egg 😉


Eason (Full Stack Dev) - I'm a mageason. Magic + Eason.

Eve (UX/UI Designer) - How do you call a Chinese person with only one leg? Tai Wan Shoe

Team contact:
Telegram: @easonchaiii / @eveeeeeko



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