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Zero Knowledge Proof of Work is a work reputation privacy layer that lets you prove facts about your work history without revealing all of your job details.

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The Problem Today:

Let's start with a story. 

Meet Mei. Mei is a freelance copywriter. She works for both mainstream and subversive organizations in Hong Kong. She’s got a great reputation with all of her clients and many good reviews on her various freelancing accounts, but she is never able to share all of the reviews she’s been given with prospective clients because of political implications; you can’t show Alibaba that you once worked for HongKong Free Press. 

This causes her to segregate her identity across many pseudonymous accounts - fragmenting her reputation and making it harder to find clients. She’s lost a lot of leads lately to other freelancers because she can’t share her full reputation.

She needs a way to show her positive work history WITHOUT sacrificing privacy of who she worked for and what she did! 

Meet zkPoW

Zero Knowledge Proof of (Real) Work aka zkPoW is a work reputation privacy layer that lets you prove facts about your work history without revealing all of your job details.

Aggregating Reputation: Unify many accounts and reputations under one Sismo Work Reputation Vault to summarize data on your history across everywhere you do work

Protecting Privacy: Only show marketplaces and hirers Sismo Badges summarizing the work you’ve done - not who you’ve worked for and why

zkPoW is built with Sismo and TalentLayer. 

With the combo of TalentLayer and Sismo in zkPoW, finally, workers can share their full reputations while also not sacrificing privacy. This happens with special Sismo Badges that summarize work history that users have gained on TalentLayer network job platforms.

Sismo is an attestation protocol that enables users to selectively reveal data on their wallets such as soul-bound NFTs or wallet activity. This preserves users' privacy by providing summaries of wallet characteristics as Sismo Badges without revealing the wallet address. 

TalentLayer is an interoperable network of work marketplaces with a unified reputation. On TalentLayer users grow their work reputation by completing work for clients and receiving reviews. All reputation data on TalentLayer is public by default. While this has its benefits, in order to ensure that workers' privacy is protected, there needs to be a way for users to abstract away job context like what was worked on and who it was done for.

We developed 6 different functions to leverage the TalentLayer data. 

With these, you can for example : 

- prove that you earn a certain amount of money by month, and then use it to obtain a loan

- prove that you worked for a certain company without revealing the detail of the job 

- prove that you are skilled in solidity by having 5 jobs completed with at least 4 stars 

- receive a badge for being the talent of the month on a given skill

- Create a voting power based on the number of times a worker got a 5 stars jobs on a give skill

- gives a gamification aspect to freelancing, and enhance motivation to perform work using decentralized protocols.

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Pitch Deck

View the pitch deck (PDF version "zkPoW.pdf" also attached).

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Official organization: https://github.com/orgs/ZK-PoW/repositories

Pull Requests (hackathon work)

Onboarding and badges integration: https://github.com/ZK-PoW/indie-frontend/pull/1

All Sismo official pull requests merged in their repositories: https://github.com/sismo-core/sismo-hub/pulls?q=is%3Apr+is%3Aclosed+author%3A0xRomain

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Added Sismo data groups


Sismo Dashboard (new Badges)