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CIL Omnichain Smart-contract Infrastructure

We are Collective Intelligence Labs and we create an infrastructure to run smart-contract omnichain on multiple blockchains simultaneously so app builders can deploy just once and everywhere.

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Collective Intelligence Labs creates omnichain web3 infrastructure.

Our mission is to help web3 builders use the whole ecosystem and go beyond specific chains.

Our technology will enable developers to deploy dApps once and to the whole Web3 as simply as to publish an app to Appstore. Our current focus is on creating a proof of concept that will showcase the deployment of a smart-contract on multiple blockchains, with the ability to send a transaction to any of the blockchains that it's deployed on. We enable omni-chain smart contracts that can operate simultaneously across multiple chains while maintaining complete data consistency; this is a challenge no one has solved so far. We utilize CQRS (command-query responsibility segregation) for optimizing web3 data models for read and write requests, layered architecture (5 layers: application, aggregation, execution, relay, and core), and event sourcing for enabling eventual consistency between all the layers. Read more about our approach to web3 architecture

CIL technology opens the blue ocean market of  $28B  by enabling omnichain transactions for any custom smart contract (the existing reference market of cross-chain transaction fees across just  EVM chains is $7B ) 

Our co-founding team consists of professionals with diverse backgrounds in web3 technology, software engineering, commercialization, product design, and product marketing:

Alex Shkor, CEO and Architect - Tech entrepreneur and distributed system architect for the last 14 years. Ex-CEO at DEIP, ex-CTO at Paralect, inventor of omni-chain smart-contracts protocol.

Yahor Tsaryk, CTOSoftware Engineer and Tech Lead with 10+ years of experience in distributed systems engineering. Ex-CTO at DEIP, Creator Economy Protocol.

Alexey Kulik, CPO, Team LeadEx-Head of R&D at Paralect (focus on a distributed system and blockchain R&D), ex-CPO at DEIP.

Our technology leverages the principles of Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) and event sourcing to provide enhanced scalability, flexibility, and security.

CQRS is a design pattern that separates the read and write operations of an application into two distinct models. In the context of blockchain, this means that our technology separates the operations that update the state of the blockchain (i.e., writing) from those that read data from the blockchain (i.e., querying). This separation allows for greater scalability and flexibility, as the read and write models can be optimized independently.

Event sourcing is another key principle that our technology leverages. Event sourcing involves storing all changes to an application's state as a sequence of events. This allows for a complete eventual consistency between multiple chains.