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AbuseTotal is aiming to be the world's leading platform to report malicious links, providing incentives for all users and organizations (security researchers, hosting providers and companies)

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 It's time to unleash the power of the community and fight cyber threats!

Your wallet is in danger!

AbuseTotal, the place to go to report malicious links, get rewards and incentivize the hosting providers to take action and kill the cyber threats.

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Can I report malicious links?

Yes and for each valid report you will increase your reputation (Reputation Token).

What information should I provide to report?

The malicious link and, in case is a phishing, the organization that is being impersonated. (like the following potential malicious domain example `taaikkai.network`)

Can I also help community and validate reports submitted?

Yes, the confidence level of the report made will increase and you get rewarded for that work (Reputation Token).

What if someone reports a legit website (bad report)?

Knowing that each report will also contain the organization being affected, that organization will be notified and also, the community will down vote.

Is there any penalization for bad reports?

Sure, reputation will be lost.

How the threat will be removed from the internet?

Hosting and Nameserver providers (like DigitalOcean, Namecheap) and Domain Registrars (like GoDaddy) will block the threat removing the malicious content from their systems.

Who gives the reward to them?

The organization that is being impersonated. Back to the potential malicious domain example `taaikkai.network`, in this case will be Taikai the organization who will put a reward (Bounty Token) for providers taking action.

Does the providers reward has a time associated?

Yes, the reward value will decrease based on time, in order to incentivize providers to take action fast.

What is the business model?

We take a fee on each bounty transaction.

How is the onboard process for an organization to have bounty rewards ready to be deployed in case of a report that is related to them?

Organizations like Taikai will be able in one transaction between Abusetotal, load multiple bounty rewards ready to be deployed.

Can organizations define a default bounty reward per each report in order to speed up the bounty reward deployment?

Yes, organizations will be able to define a default bounty reward that will be withdraw from their bounty rewards pool previously loaded on each report that is related to their organization.

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