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Care Chain

Entity donations rated by a DAO with an easy interaction interface.

  • 4,951 Raised
  • 9 Juries


  • LayerX - Bounty
  • Mantle - Bounty #2
  • Mantle - Bounty #4
  • Chainlink - Bounty



Build a community to fund Nonprofit projects based on Transparency, Trust and easy of use.

The community members receive a token when funding a project, that can be used as a ticket to a Raffle to win a CareChainToken.

We built an off-chain Raffle Mechanism that uses VRF Chainlink as a verifiable seed to shuffle the tickets and a Merkle Tree to enable winner validation and lower the gas fees.

The CareChainToken Community will be able to have experiences provided by the project organisations and have the voting power to Rate them. 

The DAO is made of community members that have donated to a Charity.

Each Charity has a universal profile with a topic, description and rating.