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Sway Network

We're building a fully on-chain central limit order book + matching engine on Fuel Network, with predicate-driven orders.

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We have remade the architecture for our EthDenver hackathon app now uses predicate-based orders on the Fuel network. Predicates are conditions that must be met before an order is executed.

By using predicates, we've significantly reduced the amount of transaction fees that users pay. Our new approach has the same transaction fee as a usual transfer, making it more affordable for users to transact on the Fuel network.

You can check the attached files for more information about the application schema and the full logic of our new approach.

We believe that this optimization will make the Fuel network more accessible and user-friendly for a wider range of users, and we're excited to contribute to the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem.

App modules:
- Predicate of order that uses env variables
- Service for orders ( backend )that generates predicate instance for a specific order, builds it, and returns binary and abi files
- frontend app that sends requests to the backend to create predicate and get orders listPredicted behavior would be this:
1) Alice opens the app and clicks "create order" btn, having filled all the required data like asset price, amount
2) Request is sent to the backend, predicates get to build specially for this order, and artifacts are going back to the frontend
3) Alice sends money to predicate
4) Bob sees Alice's order in the interface ( for now order list comes from backend). Client part creates inputs and outputs for UTXO, and calls predicate ith attached money
5) Predicate transfers money to Alice and Bob like if it was usual transfer
6) Everyone is happyI have created simple mvp of this approach, repo is here:If we've done this correctly, it doesn't seem to be a traditional decentralized app approach, that would include an open source code, and implementation of partially fulfilled orders is another task that should be done.Tx fee would be low though