Submission Deadline⏳⏳

The rules can be found here

The submission guidelines are here

👉 Hacker teams are made up of a maximum of 6 people. You can find some rules and resources useful while you are hacking here. You need to be at the venue to be judged; no online-only submissions. 🔥🔥

The submission deadline is October 30th at 11 am WEST (Portugal Time) ⚠️
You need to be at the venue to be judged.

Hacking Rules 📜

  • ETHLisbon is primarily happening IRL. Hackers can only participate remotely if they have a member present at the venue to be judged in person.
  • Projects must be related to the Ethereum blockchain
  • You cannot use another team's source code
  • The decision of judges is final for determining prizes and awards
  • Please comply with all instructions from ETHLisbon organizers
  • Projects must involve writing significant software
  • All code for projects must be written during the event
  • You cannot steal another team’s source code
  • The decision of judges is final in terms of determining prizes and awards
  • All participants must hold a valid Eventbrite ticket for ETHLisbon for their submission to be considered.
  • Please respect our Code of Conduct!

The submission must consist of:

  • Project / Team name
  • 2 line description about the project
  • 1 Discord user name for the team’s person of contact (Join discord here)
  • Repository with project’s code
  • Presentation (10 slides max)/video demo (5 minutes)
  • The contract address(es) or website URLs of your deployed application, either on a testnet of your choice or mainnet of a platform of choice. 📂📂 (NOT mandatory)

All submitted projects will be eligible for the main hackathon prize. 💵💵

You need to be at the venue to be judged; no online submissions.

Don’t miss the deadline! 30 October, 11 AM ❗❗❗❗