ETHDublin 2023

ETHDublin is a 24-hour hackathon taking place from May 26th to 28th 2023 at Dogpatch Labs.

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  • Education
  • Social Good & Impact
  • Software & Services
  • Blockchain
  • DeFi

ETHDublin    IRL Hackathon

GM      Join us in Ireland's capital city for an event dedicated to developing decentralised applications that uphold the ethos of privacy, self-custody, and peer-to-peer value exchange. Participants will be judged on how well they embed Web3 technologies to support the following industries in Ireland: 

  Digital Entertainment - This can be understood to include Music, Art, & Tourism. When paired with the night-time economy in Ireland, these industries built around people and culture converge on billions in euros of value. 

  Social Impact - Public sector infrastructure can always be improved to support diversity, equity, and inclusion or social enterprise initiatives.

  Decentralised Finance - Ireland has one of the strongest talent pipelines in Europe & billions in economic footprint, making it an extremely wealthy nation on paper. Still, practically thousands are living in consistent poverty.

Ideally, the award-winning projects should: 

A) be built on Ethereum.

B) If not on mainnet then an EVM-compatible L2 or side chain.

C) On EVM-compatible, open and permissionless blockchains.

🏆 Prize Pool 💰

ETHDublin is proud to offer 🤑 €12,000  🤑 in awards and bounties. Special thanks to…

💙 Fidelity Center for Applied Technology (FCAT), our platinum sponsor.

💛 All other ETHDublin sponsors and bounty creators, including Chorus.One, DataverseOS, Webstudio, Staxe, Black Manta Capital Partners, Fortuna Custody, & Sors Digital Assets.


🥇 €3,250 + any awarded bounties.

🥈 €1,750 + any awarded bounties

🥉 €1,000 + any awarded bounties

🧰 Bounties 🔧 

Any team project is free to incorporate the bounties below into their application. There is a limit to 1 project submission per team – no solo hackers! Teams must be 2 - 5 people.

💚 ETHDublin x DataverseOS - $1,000 USDC - Sovereign data infrastructure for web3 dApps.

DataverseOS is the web3 data operating system, which brings a programmable data layer. Developers build storage-based dApps that return data ownership to users, especially web-scale use-cases, e.g. content platforms, social networks, cloud storage, note-taking tools, and more. Join the DataverseOS Developer Group and view the DataverseOS Github for support.

🤍 ETHDublin x Webstudio - $1,500 USDC - Utilise Webstudio to build and launch the front end of your dApp.

Webstudio is a drag-and-drop Web3 website builder featuring 250+ UI blocks and 10+ pre-built templates powered by TailwindCSS. To qualify, your project must be live and must be able to interact with a smart contract in any EVM to send data or value, you must have shared your project on LinkedIn/Twitter and mention Webstudio.

ETHDublin is hosting a No-Code workshop delivered by Giancarlo, who will demonstrate how to build a front end for any decentralised application. Check out the Webstudio blog or the resources section in notion.

🧡 ETHDublin x Staxe - $1,500 USDC - Building a Creator Lending Pool with regenerative incentives on LTV.

Staxe coordinates, structures, and tokenises music and creative assets, selling these as NFTs for a share of their success. This challenge aims to encompass ETHDublin’s 3 core tracks: Creative economy, DeFi and Social Impact. The successful project will register Real World Assets (RWA) and tokenise the value of such as copyright, royalties, event tickets. 

Please deploy on Testnet (preferably Goerli), and here are the available resources: Staxe base code & Staxe Dapp V3.

🖤 ETHDublin x Defactor - $1,500 USDC + $1,500 in FACTR tokens - Building a crypto escrow service with a luxury item as the showcase.

Defactor is on the path to releasing a number of value-add technology modules that facilitate the tokenisation and creation of real-world assets on the blockchain. There is an additional $1,000 in FACTR tokens to be awarded if the solution adds another layer of utility to the $FACTR token itself.

📲 Programming 🗓

  • Hackers must familiarise themselves with the Hackathon Rules.
  • All hackers must attend registration and technical run-through on Friday, May 26th at 6pm. Please refer to Section 4 & 5 of the Rules.

“If you do not participate it will be at the expense of your limited hacking time - so we highly recommend coming along.” - Caolán, Co-organiser of ETHDublin

  • All workshops will happen in the Urban Garden. Mentors will be stationed here throughout both days. See the hacking timeline here.
  • As per Section 8 of the Rules, all hackers must publish the following on the ETHDublin platform:
    • Project / Team name
    • A short description of the project
    • At least 1 Discord username for the team’s person of contact
    • Repository with project’s code
    • Video demo and/or Presentation
    • If possible, the contract address(es) or website URLs of your deployed application, either on a testnet of your choice or mainnet of a platform of choice.
    • ✍️ Please note… As per Section 9 of the Rules, each track will be weighted equally. Only one submission per team. Winning projects will be judged on the following:

      OriginalityIs the project wholly new or are there other existing instances of the same type of projection and/or execution?

      The level of technicality will be judged on how effectively a project implements the ETHDublin Resources.

      PracticabilityA rating of the project’s minimum viability.
      InnovationJudges will be looking for efficiencies in the delivery method from projects leveraging a new technology or enabling a new use/solution.

🤜 Challenges 🤛

The successful team project will address as many of the prompts below as possible with one single application.


  • Support cultural initiatives and organisations with an application or workflow that supports non-profit initiatives, such as The National Campaign for the Arts in Ireland or Dublin Is Dying. Feel free to incorporate and address facets of the Night-Time Economy Support Scheme.
  • Promote the preservation of Ireland's cultural heritage by protecting public art installations like the Icon Walk.


  • Support initiatives such as those conducted by Age & Opportunity or Irish Aid.
  • Encourage housing accessibility with a tool that assists with the verification status of empty or derelict homes. Please refer to this article from the Irish Times for accounts of how the Irish housing crisis impacts artists.


  • Enable a crypto tool for street performers.