ETHDublin Programming  

  The physical event commences on Friday 26th with an evening specifically for hacker registration. Hackers are required to join the ETHDublin team at Dogpatch Labs no later than 6pm. 

  Hackers will be granted 24 operating hours at the venue, beginning on Saturday, May 27th at 7am closing for hackers at 11pm. Hacking will remain open overnight with the venue reopening at 7am on Sunday, May 28th.

  All hackers should have their projects public and enabled by Sunday, May 28th at 4pm and be ready to present by 5pm. If you're not planning to present your project in the finals, then please disable your project. 

  The projects will be called in the same order as they were registered. Projects should nominate a sole representative to present to the judges. Each representative will be given 5 minutes to present, pitch, and/or demo their respective project.