A Proud Community

Over the years, we have built a strong community. We love to share our passions, insights and expertise for technologies and topics we love through 100+ self-organized guilds, internal tech talks, training initiatives, demos, local meetup events, conferences and more. In addition to encouraging an engaged community, we support you in building your reputation as a tech leader - not only among your peers at Zalando, but industry-wide. We know that every new technology and methodology we implement involves a learning curve, so our team are dedicated to helping everyone get up to speed on using the tools they need to work successfully. And if you might wonder how we implement “autonomy, mastery and purpose” in practice and give them meaning.

Radical Agility

We believe by working in small, agile, multi-disciplinary, autonomous teams, and living Radical Agility - a methodology built on trust and backed by an architecture that lets us move fast while keeping complexity low - teams can leverage their creativity and solve hard problems in original ways.

Open Source

At Zalando we’re passionate about collaboration and giving back to the community. Check out our open source projects to learn more about the technologies we are contributing to and building.