Meet xgeeks!

xgeeks is an engineering company focused on providing capacity to product companies that are looking for challenge-driven product engineering expertise.

We are not the typical project company for 3 main reasons:

  1. A huge focus on the community! Live coding, talks, blog posts, tweets in our channels such as youtube, Twitter, and medium reflect a huge part of our culture!
  2. A strong engineering culture! We are Software, Infrastructure & Data enthusiasts and we all talk “tech”.
  3. A product drive! We build products and that’s where our expertise lies.

At the end, xgeeks is the perfect mix between project and product. Our teams across Portugal and Germany work in building or refactoring products while being exposed to work in several projects and in a broad stack. The best of both worlds!

If adaptability, potential, proactivity, and eagerness to learn are part of your DNA, adding to some incredible tech skills, interests, and drive, xgeeks might be the next stop of your rocket ship ride.

Join us at xgeeks and enjoy the ride!