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The world’s first cryptocurrency payment solution to offer instant transactions, buyer protection & crypto-to-cash settlements.

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Utrust is a pioneer in cryptocurrency payments. Our mission is to provide a simple, safe and universal way to pay with cryptocurrency. With technology at the vanguard of the market, we are the only provider in the world to offer consumer buyer protection, instant settlements for merchants and instant payments for buyers.

Unlike typical provider payment processors, we focus on simplicity and user-experience for consumers. Utrust is the only payment platform that protects your payment, allowing you to pay with confidence. If something unexpected happens, you know there is someone within reach to help and mediate.

Paying with Utrust is simple. We support existing wallets, but also provide a dedicated app with convenience and exclusive advantages.

As a payment provider, we work closely with merchants partners, providing a rich and comprehensive feature set, specifically tailored to e-commerce needs. We provide a single unified API that allows merchants to start accepting multiple cryptocurrencies with no prior blockchain technology experience. 

Utrust integrates with your existing system and allows your business to receive cryptocurrencies payments from new customers without risk, directly in your bank account in fiat currency (e.g.: EUR, USD). Risk-free and safe.