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Porto Business School

Porto, Portugal

Our mission is to help individuals and organisations develop skills and competences for the future.

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Porto Business School is in the business of inspiring, guiding and supporting companies and individuals to make change happen.

Based in the city of Porto, an important center of Industry and Entrepreneurship with a global outlook, Porto Business School is a private and autonomous institution belonging to both to the University of Porto and 35 other organizations, most of them multinational companies.

Set up 29 years ago by business organizations that needed to develop relevant management skills for their staff, and wanted a more applied approach than the more theoretical education provided by traditional universities, Porto Business School has a unique DNA.

This blend of the Executive pragmatism and experience with the Academic rigor, research and access to leading edge technology, makes us quite unique in the world of business schools, giving us a particular ability to unleash the potential of making change happen throughout the lives of individuals or organizations with whom we work.

At Porto Business School, we help clients identify trends and future challenges, rethink their strategy and develop new competencies to succeed in the future. We believe that business leaders must be Futurists. Because people follow leaders when they believe in their vision of a better future.

Porto Business School is ranked in the Financial Times in the top 80 of the best Business Schools in the world.

Where we are:

Avenida Fabril do Norte, 425
4460-314 Matosinhos