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Polkastarter x Blokness NFT Hackathon

Polkastarter NFT HACKATHON, powered by Blokness is taking place in Lisbon or online (11 - 13 Nov)

  • 47 Participants


  • Blockchain
  • NFT

Polkastarter x Blokness NFT Hackathon

This November, Polkastarter partnered with Blokness, an NFT data API platform, to create a Hackathon event with unbelievable prizes and unlimited potential for innovation.

The initiative aims to push developers, people, projects, and enthusiasts to leverage the power of blockchain NFT technology without the need for extensive knowledge or experience. From creating an NFT tax software to building a hospitality loyalty program, the sky’s the limit for creativity. 


We are looking for submissions that leverage NFT technology to create real-world value with a potentially sustainable business model underlying it.


  • NFT appraisal service that Defi protocols could use to evaluate the collateral value
  • Play & Earn guild tooling to manage player performance
  • NFT Tax software, enables users to manage their tax obligations
  • NFT-based hospitality loyalty programs
  • CRM software for NFT-enabled businesses

We understand that 3 days aren't enough to get to a final product, but we expect the submissions to show the direction the teams want to go with and their ability to execute.

Audience and rules


  • Above legal age of majority in country of residence
  • Team required: 2 to 5 members
  • All participants must include the Blokness API in their projects. Please check Blokness API Documentation.
  • The submission must be developed entirely during the 3 days of the Hackathon.
  • Have fun! 🥳


  • 1st place winner: $7,500 in USDC
  • 2nd place winner: $1,500 in USDC
  • 3rd place winner: $1,000 in USDC
  • The TOP 3 projects will be able to pitch their idea directly to Polkastarter's upcoming Accelerator program and get a chance to receive up to 100,000$ in initial funding if selected.

🪜 4 Important Steps

1- Kick-off Session 📣

⏰ When: November 11th, 09:00 AM

We will start things by setting up proper communication channels for our participants and troubleshoot any last minute team issues.

2- Blokness workshop 🛠️

⏰ When: November 11th, 09:30 AM

This will be a 30 mins presentation where the Blokness dev team will do a quick walkthrough of the Blokness API and how it works. If the time allows it we can do a short Q&A session to address any initial thoughts.

3- Hacking starts 💻

⏰ When: November 11th, 10:00 AM

The magic starts at 10am. Participants will be allowed to start building their projects at this point.

4- Submission Deadline 🏁

⏰ When: November 13th, 16:00 PM

⚠️ Your project needs to be created and published on TAIKAI’s platform: LINK HERE for submission before November 13th, 16:00 PM . Every team should have at least one member online and available to present their project or answer any question from the juries.

🧑‍💻 🚀 Submission details

In order to accept your project as a valid submission you must complete your project details.

The submission must consist of:

  • Project/Team name;
  • 2 line description about the project;
  • 1 Taikai/Telegram username for the team’s person of contact;
  • Repository with project’s code;
  • Video demo (max 5 minutes) or a presentation deck (max 10 slides)
  • Optional: the contract address(es) or website URLs of your deployed application, either on a testnet of your choice or mainnet of a platform of choice.

🚨 Only fully submitted projects will be considered for the main hackathon prize

🚨 Don’t miss the deadline! November 13th, 16:00 P.M. ❗

How to submit

Projects must be submitted on the 🔗 Polkastarter X Blokness Hackathon page on the Taikai Platform.

Make sure you publish your project. Your project must be published with all details before November 13th, 16:00 P.M.