What is it?

A 3 day non-stop event, an unforgettable experience for developers & creatives, partner centric hackathon, 100s of talks and workshops on emerging technologies and loads of fun!


Developers from all over Europe stop their lives for 3 days, to work on a project and feel the adrenaline of presenting it to over 1250 fellow programmers during our famous 48h programming competition. To make things even more interesting, we’re pushing the envelope of creativity in tech by encouraging everyone to contribute with an “out of the box” thinking.

We’re giving participants complete freedom of choice between topics and technologies and encourage partners to grab their attention by creating interesting and captivating challenges.

In the end, everyone is free to choose what, how and with whom they want to build their idea, as long as it’s creative and stage time worthy.


Pixels Camp is about collaborating and learning. The event spans to more than one hundred talks and workshops about creativity and technology in a highly diversified range of hot topics like the web and mobile development, big data and artificial intelligence, new programming languages and frameworks, infosec and cryptography, electronics, the IoT and design, amongst others.


We have a dirty little secret that makes Pixels Camp one of the most engaging community events in Portugal: we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Fun activities are our pride. We thrive to create something you can’t measure with any metric: humour, friendship and loads of smiles.

5k Community

Pixels Camp is community driven, custom tailored specifically for those who attend the event. Based on their bios and previous work evidence, the curators aim at selecting the best, most engaged and motivated programmers and creatives to participate in the event.

Our community consists of more than five thousand of the most talented developers with whom we communicate and engage using our tools and events throughout the year.


At Pixels Camp we celebrate diversity too.

We are committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and religion (or lack thereof). All we care is talent and participation.

We have a Code of Conduct and want to keep hosting discussion panels on diversity every year. 2019 will be no exception.