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New York, United States

New Yorkers building a better future with our local and global communities.

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Liberty DAO

We are Liberty DAO, a collaborative support system for builders (developers, creators, educators, founders) doing work with the local New York community. The mission is to empower New Yorkers to reclaim ownership over their digital identity, enhance authentic physical connections, increase financial and technical literacy, fuel civic collaboration, and prepare for the next generation of technological evolution by educating and building/using tools like the Blockchain Operating System (BOS) and more.

Our team of contributors include Joanna Orlova (@joannaorlova.near), Elliot Braem (@efiz.near), Thom Brand (@imagin.near), Randy Gomez (@b8b33f725f035cf9efbb129c06ad83a4e7bdd9a8931e04f681e20a9dc45848c9), James Waugh (@james.near), Eddy Plata (@datablock.near), Tony Singh (Tonycrypto44 @819c44a1bdd666dce2119a6e92f9d7643136e02fc577e6cd0542bb38f6172b4a), and others. Collectively, our contributors have thrown over 100+ educational events since 2022 in the New York area and have hosted/assisted with over 15 hackathons.

We are carrying out the hackathon at the Bitcoin Center (formerly known as the Blockchain Center), another grassroots organization in NY that aims to fortify local culture and innovation when it comes to open web technologies. We are also joined by the impressive work and reputation of our growing list of partners. This currently includes NEAR NYC, Banyan Collective , Everything, ShardDog, BUILD DAO, Sparx Labs, MasterCard's Belle Block, Republic Crypto, Tech Girl NYU , Techquity Labs, Blue Collar to the Blockchain, and more. Each is proving pivotal in creating a meaningful impact for the usage of blockchain technology as a means to solve real world problems.

Before and beyond the hackathon, we are offering office hours, training programs, and team work sessions to amplify the efforts of projects of with inspired impact. In the long term we also hope to offer grants for projects. We strive to facilitate knowledge exchange, foster cross-network partnership programs, and activate the community within the thriving New York changemaker ecosystem.

Website link: https://libertydao.online/