Submission Guidelines

A submitted Analysis Project should contain the following items:

  • Title

  • Abstract: summarizing the main analytical process used and an highlight of the main conclusions reached

  • Results presentation: A brief presentation of the Analysis (less than 4 slides), with screenshots, text descriptions, tables, etc. Please keep this simple, so everyone gets it

  • Technical artifacts: We need a way to replicate your results :) Hence, we’ll need access to a GitHub repository and necessary instructions to run through your analysis.

  • Non-cheating declaration: An honour declaration stating you/your team refrained from cheating, faking, thieving identity or any other technique to change the result of the contest.

Important notice regarding intellectual property: everything you’ll do is obviously your property, but note that you’ll need to publicly share all the items above.

Evaluation Guidelines

Even though everyone will be free to vote with their tokens (had we mention blockchain before?) in the ‘Community and Jury voting’ phase, it’s important that you have a criteria of Clarity in your mind when submitting a project: it’s very relevant for the voters to be able to understand your work. Please bear this in mind when you’re performing your craft, so you don’t get hurt in the people’s preferences.