What is Hack for Good?

Hack for Good is a programme created by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation to display the role technology can perform in solving society’s most pressing social and environmental problems.


What is the goal of Hack for Good @Home?

Hack for Good @Home is an online hack competition where programmers, engineers, designers, students will compete to create a tech solution for a problem related with ageing.


How much does it cost?

Hack for Good @Home is free for anyone to participate.


Who can participate on the challenge?

We invite anyone with a creative or technical profile to apply. People from different fields, with expertise in ageing related issues (health, caregivers, education) are more than welcome to participate. Diverse teams usually present more robust solutions.

Can I participate alone?

No, you need to have a team to participate. However, if you don’t have a team, TAIKAI can help you create or join a team. 


How do I form a team?

All your team members should register as innovators on the challenge page before the 3rd of November of 2020. During the project creation you can add your team members as project members using their username or registered email.


What is the size of each team?

Your team should be have a minimum size of 3 participants and maximum size of 5 participants to be considered for the final prizes.


Are there any other requirements for the teams?

Yes, each team must have at least one team member of Portuguese nationality or resident in Portugal for the last two years. 

Can a team apply with an idea which it has already developed?

Teams can have a technology developed, but the project cannot have been invested, nor participated in an acceleration program nor received a financial award to the date of the event.

Is English the official language?

Not really. Any team can develop its solution and present it to the jury, either in Portuguese or in English. Our focus is depth of the challenge, the quality of the idea and the team’s talent.


Are the other participants apart from my team able to see my project details?

Not during the competition. The published projects and draft projects are only visible to project members and judges, thus no one is able to copy or clone your project resources to use on their submission. After the competition is finished and the results are revealed, the project details become visible to anyone who visits the platform.


Who owns project intellectual property?

The team which develops the project is the owner of the project and IP. We do encourage sharing of code with others in the community or making code open source but it is not required to participate or be eligible for the prizes.


Is there any mentorship available?

Yes. There will be mentors available to provide feedback during the ideation phase (from the 3rd of November to the 16th of November). Once the application phase finishes, Taikai will provide further info on how to contact the mentors.


Who is eligible for the prizes?

All Project submissions with proper project description, presentations about the idea, prototype and mechanics that follow the team size eligibility will be considered for the final judgement evaluation.


How are winners selected?

The winners are selected by a group of judges selected by the promoters that will assess the submissions based on the criteria defined and on a pitch session on the 3rd of December. Each judge will have a limited amount of KAI tokens to invest and back the eligible projects. The final result is going to be produced based on the amount of KAIs received by each project.


When will the winners be announced?

Hack for Good @Home winners will be announced online on the 3rd of December 2020, on the TAIKAI challenge page and on the promoter social networks.

Are there any prizes in Hack for Good @Home?

Yes. The best two teams will win a prize of 2.000,00€ each which should be invested in developing the project.

I am interested in becoming a sponsor, how can I proceed?

If you are interested in sponsoring Hack for Good @Home, please contact us at [email protected] for a prospectus and sponsorship application instructions.


Still have questions?

Email us to suppor[email protected] or chat with us using the website chatting box.