⏱ Registration Period _ April 1st - April 29th

Complete your individual registration by clicking on the button Join Challenge! Even if you're already part of a team, your registration is individual.  

During this time you can start developing your idea for the project.

⏱ Development_ April 30th - May 22r

This is the time to get all hands on deck and build your solution!

Plus at this phase you will have an optional JOCKER Card, this means you can have a one time 30min slot with project manager from Galp to take your doubts. If you feel you need it ask for it on the Slack channel - JOCKER Card.

⏱ Submission Deadline _ 22rd May

By the 23rd May, you will have to publish on the platform, a detailed Project Description and the following deliverables: 

  • All the assets that comprise the submission (code assets, configurations, documentation, etc) must be delivered on a branch of the github repository with a pull request submitted on branch main assigned to the team.
  • At least the following information is required:
    • A brief description of the layout of the folders and their purposes / what assets they comprise
    • A brief description of the asset itself
    • A documentation (markdown, restructured text, etc) of the whole submission detailing what was the approach to solving the challenge

⏱ Pre-selection_23rd May – 30th May

Teams that meet the minimum requirements of the delivery will pass

⏱ Finalists selection_31st May - 22nd Jun

Finalists selection 31 May - 22 Jun: from all the ones that passed the pre-selection, we will choose up to 3 finalists for each challenge. These 6 finalists will be invited to demo!

⏱ Demo session preparation_23rd Jun to 29th Jun


We will ask the 6 finalists for recording a loom video with their presentations, and we will provide feedback to help improve these.

⏱ Demo Session & Winners Announcement_ 30th Jun - Online

Time to demo your solution to the jury in an online event, you will have 5 min to showcase + 10 min to Q&A.

The Juri will vote and announce the winning team!