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ETHRome (6th-8th Oct) is a web3 hackathon focused on Governance & Privacy topics

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ETHRome Privacy & Governance Hackathon (6th - 8th October)

🏛️ ETHRome is the first web3 hackathon happening in Rome, isn't that exciting?

It is built by builders for builders, pushing forward building new open source software and applications, and projects centered around Privacy and Governance. 

Find more information on our Website, on our Hacker Manual, get all updates on Twitter!

- entry is free of charge for all accepted hackers 👷

- food is included, and oh boy, it's going to be magnificent 🍝

- lot's of side events shaping up in the Eternal City! Check out our side events calendar 🕺

Want to participate? We have great news!

- all web3 enthusiasts can apply

- if you have a past project, you can continue working on it, just make sure to adhere to the hackathon rules

What have we got on the table for you?

Encryption Games 

This track will challenge hackers to explore the full potential of all those technologies and applications that prioritize privacy and security. 

🏆 Prize pool: $7.5K 

DAO's & Dragons

Showcase your skills in implementing decentralized governance infrastructures and better decision-making mechanisms.

🏆 Prize pool: $7.5K 


Being in Rome, the capital of Good Food, of course we will offer our hackers the best meals. The menu is cooking up as you're reading! 🍝


Find everything about judging on the Hacker Manual.

Mark your calendars!

Friday 6th October: 

- doors open at 2pm

- opening cerimony starts at 4pm

- hackathon starts at 6pm

Sunday 8th October: 

- submission deadline 10am

- closing cerimony and winners showcase starts at 4 pm

- closing party at 8pm, location TBD