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ETH Brussels

Welcome to the first edition of ETH Brussels ! 9 to 11 June 2023

  • 51 Participants
  • 64,000 Invested
  • 0 Uninvested


  • Blockchain
  • DeFI
  • NFT

ETH Brussels 2023 - 9 to 11 June 2023

Join us in Brussels for 3 days of intense hacking focused on the Ethereum ecosystem!
Application is open to everyone, but the selection and curation of candidates will be done by the organizing team.
Hackers will work in teams (up to 5 members) and have access to the site all along the event.
The event will follow a hybrid format, with at least one team member required to be present on-site, while the others can join remotely.

Participation is free of charge. 

Location: Campus 19 Brussels (BeCentral, on top of the Brussels Central Station).


🥇 1st place: TweetX
🥈 2nd place: SnowBet
🥉 3rd place: EasyCrow

💰 Arkanzas bounty: TokenVest
💰 BEPRO bounty: TokenEstate

Big thanks to all our sponsors and partners:

👏👏👏 Arcadia Finance

👏 Brussels Blockchain Week
👏 Arkanzas Trade
👏 Waltio
👏 TaiKai

👏 Campus 19
👏 DAO Brussels
👏 Howest
👏 Tokken
👏 HashtagWeb3


This is an "open track" hackathon where participants are free to build any project as long as it is connected to the Ethereum Ecosystem. Refer to the prizes below as we encourage you building around those projects and categories.

Prizes 🏆

🥇 The first place wins a 1500 EUR prize + 1 free yearly subscription to Waltio per team member (https://waltio.co/) .
🥈 The second place wins a 1000 EUR prize.
🥉 The third place wins a 500 EUR prize.

Bounties 💰

-BEPRO Network (1000$)

Build a web3 project that uses LayerX dappKit and rocketkit frameworks - $1,000 in $BEPRO for the best project 

-Arkanzas (1000 EUR)

Create a decentralized web application that enables users to buy, sell, and trade real estate assets using blockchain technology. The goal is to provide a transparent, efficient, and secure platform that leverages NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and smart contracts for real estate transactions.


The full schedule is available here: https://ethbrussels.com/schedule


Submitted projects should have:

  • Project / Team name
  • Short description about the project
  • 1 Discord username for the team’s person of contact
  • Repository with project’s code
  • Video demo (90 seconds) and/or Presentation (10 slides max)
  • The contract address(es) or website URLs of your deployed application, either on a testnet of your choice or mainnet of a platform of choice. 📂📂 (NOT mandatory)

Judging Criteria

Technical aspect

How complex was the project to build? 

How well does the project leverage technology?

Is there a high-quality working prototype ?

Practical aspect

Is there a concrete use-case for the project ?

How easy is it to onboard new users?

Innovation aspect

How original and innovative is the project?

Does the project unlock new use cases of the technology ?

Sponsors & Partners