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Nasa Space Apps Agrotech Challenge Fundão

Participe do Agrotech NASA Space Apps Challenge: inovação agrícola com tecnologia espacial!


  • Submission Deadline08 Oct, 2023 - 17:00
  • Pitch11 Oct, 2023 - 16:00
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  • 29 Participants


  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Space Tech
  • Startup Accelerator

Rules and Terms


In this document:

“Prizes”: refers to the prizes awarded to the Winners at the end of the Challenge.

“Overview”: refers to the specifications determined by the Organizer, which may include the deadlines, the prizes, the guidelines and themes to be complied with by all Innovators contributions.

“Challenge”: refers to the challenge that is the subject of the Rules, as organized by the Organizer.

“Intellectual Property Rights” means all the following ownership legal rights, worldwide, whether registrable or unregistrable, and whether registered or unregistered, with respect to any designs, trade secrets, copyrights, works of authorship, neighboring rights, mask works, Know-how, Software and all the industrial rights, such as trademarks, industrial designs or patents;

“General User Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy”: designate the general terms of use of the TAIKAI’s website and its Privacy Policy, accepted by every Innovator during the creation of a TAIKAI user account and readable on taikai.network

“Projects”: refers to the Team and to all submissions, original ideas, documents or other materials (such as presentations, videos, code, websites, etc.) uploaded to the Website by Innovators in response and as a solution to this Challenge;

“Backers”: refers to the jury responsible for selecting the winning Projects.

“Innovator”: refers to any person registered in accordance with the Rules who takes part in the Challenge.

“Registration”: refers to the registration of an Innovator in accordance with the Rules.

“Rules”: refers to these terms, which apply to the Challenge.

“Team”: refers to the team of innovators (2 to 5 per team), created on the platform in order to take part in the Challenge.

“Winner” or “Winners”: refers to the members of the three (3) Projects that reach the final stage of the Challenge and are ranked by the Backers as winning teams.


Agrotech NASA Space Apps Challenge - 2023


Article 1


The Agrotech NASA Space Apps Challenge is an initiative of the Municipality of Fundão, The Transform to Open Science (TOPS) initiative of NASA, and the Fundão Professional School.

The Agrotech NASA Space Apps Challenge aims to promote the development of technological and creative solutions for agriculture, offering integrated and customized high-quality and sustainable solutions through the open sharing of software, data, and knowledge (algorithms, articles, documents, auxiliary information). The principles of open-source science are to make publicly funded scientific research transparent, inclusive, accessible, and reproducible by providing answers to the challenges presented through a dynamic 48-hour programming and innovation marathon called the Hackathon.

Article 2


The event will take place on October 6, 7, and 8, from Friday at 1:00 PM to Sunday at 1:00 PM, at the Fundão Professional School facilities, R. Cidade de Salamanca 1, 6230-370 Fundão; the final "pitch" presentations will be held on the main stage of the 2nd Edition of the Fundão Agricultural Innovation Fair at 3:00 PM at the Octagon - Incubadora a Praça, Rua dos 3 Lagares, 6230-421 Fundão.

During the event, the mentioned facilities and infrastructure will be exclusively used for the event.

Participants should bring the necessary equipment, including computers or other devices, as well as the required software, for presenting their solutions to the challenges.

Specialized consultants/mentors in topics related to the proposed challenges will be available for general support to the teams.

Mentor participation is advisory, and teams are responsible for their own decisions.

Mentors will have allocated time for each team and will be responsible for managing it.

Presentations will be held at the event venue, in the Incubadora a Praça - Octagon building, in front of all participants and strategic partners, with all necessary conditions provided by the organization.

Article 4


The jury consists of five members.

On October 8, starting at 3:00 PM, the presentations of the works will be made to the jury and the remaining audience.

Article 5


The jury selects two finalist projects.

Presentations start at 3:00 PM on October 8 and last for a maximum of five minutes for each presentation, plus three minutes for questions from the jury (if necessary) and their respective answers.

The final evaluation is scored from 0 to 5 by each jury member, who validates the final results in a meeting.

The team with the highest score will be awarded.

The final results are announced by a jury spokesperson.

There is no recourse to the jury's decision.

Article 6



a. The 1st prize will have a value of €1,000 for the winning team of the Agrotech NASA Space Apps Challenge.

b. The 2nd and 3rd prizes will be €250 each, and an invitation to represent the Municipality of Fundão and the NASA Space Apps Fundão community in the global competition.

c. The decision on the awarding of prizes and honorable mentions is made by the jury.


a. All participants will receive a certificate and a participation prize.

b. Prizes awarded to winning teams are personal and non-transferable.

Article 7


Participants, by registering for this event, implicitly agree to the following conditions:

a. Ideas submitted to the competition cannot contain offensive, sexual, violent, or derogatory references to any ethnic, racial, religious, disability, gender, or age group.

b. Ideas submitted to the competition cannot contain names, images, photographs, or other identification of any person without their authorization, in accordance with personal data protection regulations, as well as any activity that may involve unsafe or dangerous images.

c. The solutions presented must be original and not previously published, commercialized, or licensed by third parties, meaning they have been created and developed by the participants.

d. Participants authorize the publication of their images through communication channels such as social media and institution websites.

The winning solution will be the sole property of its creators.

If the organization suspects unfair or fraudulent conduct by participants, it reserves the right to disqualify the respective team.

The organization reserves the right to change the program or cancel the event at any time, with notification to registered participants.

Article 8


After consulting the jury, any omissions or interpretation doubts will be resolved by the Councilor for Rural Development and Agriculture of the Municipality of Fundão.

Candidates/participants, upon registering, fully adhere to all the provisions described here and to the regulations provided by the NASA Space Apps organization, available here: https://www.spaceappschallenge.org/2023/locations/fundao/, and declare that they accept all the terms of these regulations.


4.1. Participation in this Challenge is free

4.2. The Innovator must read these Rules, and fully accept their terms in their entirety without reservation before its Registration and participation in the Challenge.

4.3. Participation to the Challenge is under the conditions of: being any person on legal age

4.4. The Innovator guarantees that he/she will abide by the rules mentioned above. The delivery of the Prize will be conditional upon the capacity of the Innovator to meet the conditions stated.

4.5. There is only one entry per person in the Challenge

4.6. Innovators must form teams of 2 to 5 members.

4.7. Any Innovator and/or Team who doesn’t abide by the terms of the Rules during his/her Registration and at any time during the Challenge will be automatically and without previous notification, disqualified from the Challenge and shall not be awarded any Prize. In the case where a Prize would have been given to an Innovator and/or Team who doesn’t or didn’t comply with the Rules at the time of his/her Registration or during the Challenge, the Organizer has the discretionary right to demand the return of the Prize received.


5.1. For his/her Registration to the Challenge, each Innovator must open a user account on taikai.network and must indicate the following:

  • A valid username
  • A valid email address
  • A valid password To validate his Registration, the Innovator must accept the General Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy provided by TAIKAI.

To complete his/her Registration in the Challenge, the Innovator must opt-in on the box indicating that he/she accepts the Challenge Regulations.

A confirmation email containing a confirming link is sent to the Innovator’s listed email address. Once his/her account is confirmed, the Innovator can freely participate and complete their profiles.

5.2. Any Registration containing wrong, dubious, or incomplete information shall not be taken into account and disqualifies the Innovator and/or the Innovator’s Team from the Challenge.

5.3. By registering, the Innovator accepts being contacted through email by the Organizer, for the duration of his/her participation in the Challenge.


6.1. The Challenge shall take place from the 6th of October the 8th of October 2023.

  • The Challenge will be revealed and registration will begin on the 28th of October
  • Registration for participation will close on the 06st of October at 13:00
  • Project submission will take place on the 08th of Octoberat 10:00 / 13:00
  • Project selection will occur on the 08th of October at 15
  • Winners will be announced on 8th of October at 16:30

6.2. Every date clearly defined in these Rules and the Challenge is in the Lisbon time zone (GMT), and refers to the year 2023.

6.3. Quando necessário, devido a requisitos operacionais, o Organizador reserva-se o direito de alterar a duração do Desafio por um período de tempo razoável, que será transmitido aos Inovadores.


7.1. O Desafio consiste em fazer contribuições formadas por 3 (três) entregas que estejam de acordo com os requisitos listados nos pontos 8 e 9, durante as duas etapas de pré-seleção e seleção.

7.2. O produto deve responder absolutamente à definição do Desafio e às regras descritas neste documento. O produto deve ser escrito em inglês/português e espanhol; Nenhum outro idioma será aceito. 
A Organizadora não aceitará nem analisará quaisquer outros documentos enviados pelos Inovadores.


O uso de fotos ou imagens deve ser isento de direitos autorais. Em qualquer caso, a Organizadora não será responsabilizada pelo uso da Propriedade Intelectual sobre a qual terceiros tenham direitos.


11.1. Os prêmios referidos nesta seção serão concedidos aos Inovadores se as seguintes regras forem atendidas: A entrega dos Projetos está alinhada com os padrões de qualidade dos diferentes Júris; 

11.2. A entrega de um Prêmio ao final do Desafio está sujeita e é realizada somente quando submetida a:

  • O cumprimento integral das Regras determinadas para o Desafio;
  • A apresentação de documentos de cada Vencedor justificando que respeita as condições estabelecidas.

11.3. Somente as Equipes de Projeto no site taikai.network serão elegíveis para Vencedores e receberão Prêmios.

11.4. Todo Inovador reconhece e aceita que a Organizadora não será responsabilizada, em hipótese alguma, pelo mau funcionamento do Prêmio ou por quaisquer consequências danosas causadas ao Vencedor ou a terceiros por causa do Prêmio. O Organizador não fornecerá nenhum serviço ou assistência de garantia de parceiro.

11.5. Todo Inovador reconhece e aceita que a responsabilidade do Organizador em relação ao Prêmio é sua entrega apenas aos Vencedores. Todos os custos adicionais relacionados com os Prémios serão, salvo estipulação em contrário nas Regras, cobrados aos Vencedores. Nem a cobertura nem o reembolso serão devidos como tal.