✴︎ Kick-off. 🚀 Monday, August 8. Kick-off of the 3-week online Hackathon. Register and start hacking right away! 

✴︎ Hacking. 👾 From August 8 to August 29. Online Hackathon supported by our Slack community, online mentors, and online workshops.

✴︎ In-person meet-up. 👋 Friday, August 26 to Sunday, August 28. Meet your peers in person and enjoy a series of offline networking sessions & workshops @Mindspace Krausenstraße, Berlin

✴︎ Deadline. ⚡️ Monday, August 29. All projects must be submitted before 12 pm CET.

✴︎ Demo Day. 🔥 Friday, September 2. Selected projects will pitch from the main stage of the DN22 Conference @Kühlhaus, Berlin