DN22 Polkadot Hybrid Hackathon

Call out to all Polkadot aficionados! 😎 3-week Hybrid Hackathon part of the DN22 Conference!

  • 44 Participants


  • Blockchain
  • NFT
  • DeFi

DN22 Polkadot Hybrid Hackathon

6 different web2-friendly & data-focused challenges, implemented by Astar Network & KILT Protocol, offering $30k+ in prizes, as a part of the DN22 Conference


✧ PSP34 NFT Minting Site

✧ On-chain Identity Scoring System for EVM

✧ Shiden OG NFT using RMRK

✧ DeFi Dashboard for Astar Network

✧ Token Bridge Contract Between WASM and EVM

✧ KILT Event Mobile Wallet

Hybrid Format

We'll host a series of online & offline activities with ongoing support from our Slack community

✢ 3-week online Hackathon starting on Monday, August 8

✢ 3-day offline event from Friday, August 26 to Sunday, August 28 @Mindspace Krausenstraße, Berlin

✢ Project submission deadline on Monday, August 29 at 12pm CET

✢ The pre-selected teams will pitch on Demo Day on the main stage of the DN22 Conference @Kühlhaus, Berlin, on Friday, September 2

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