Terms and Conditions

  1. Purpose

    • a) CityHack is a 24-hour marathon event aimed at developing technology solutions for the cities. The 2019 edition is dedicated to find solutions to challenges with social impact.

  2. Organization

    • a) Organized by students of the Masters on Computer Engineering - Internet of Things (MEI-IOT), of the School of Technology of the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar. The coordination of the organization will be carried out by the member professors of the coordination committee of the master on MEI-IoT.

  3. Application and eligibility

    • a) The candidate teams shall be formed by 3 to 6 students of Universities or Polytechnic Institutes, in which at least two must be from technological courses. The team may include two elements that do not attend higher education, provided they are not employees (professors or employees) of the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar or any of the organizations or companies that are part of the jury.

    • b) The application of each candidate team must include a summary of the project proposal, which must be focused on one of the challenges presented in the challenges section of the event website www.cityhack.ipt.pt .

    • c) Applications can be made by filling the form available on the website www.cityhack.ipt.pt.

    • d) Proposals for challenges that are not presented on the website are eligible, as long as they have social impact.

    • e) Applications will be pre-selected, highlighting the relevance and scope of the proposed project, and considering a clear social impact.

    • f) Individual candidates will be supported in the formation of a team to participate in the event. Individual applications must indicate in which challenge they wish to participate.

    • g) Prior to the event there will be an Ideation session recommended to registered teams. Details of this session is available at the event website in the ideation section.

  4. Event venue and infrastructures

    • a) It will take place in the Complexo da Levada, in the city of Tomar, on May 11-12, 2019. The organization can change the event venue, however it must be always in the city of Tomar, in that case all the registered teams must be informed by e-mail and on the website.

    • b) Participants agree that CityHack facilities and infrastructures will be used exclusively for the event.

    • c) Participants must provide the technology-related equipment as well as the software they may require for the development of ideas in the competition (ex .: portable computer, IDE, etc.).

    • d) The teams will follow up with expert mentors on the themes corresponding to the indicated challenges.

  5. Jury

    • a) The Jury will be composed by a representative of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the President of the Municipality of Tomar, the President of the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar and representatives of the partners.

    • b) Technical advice will be provided to the jury by mentors and by professors of the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar.

  6. Awards

    • a) The three best teams will be awarded with the following amounts:

1.st award - 2.000,00 Euros

2.nd award - 1.000,00 Euros

3.rd award - 500,00 Euros

  • b) Parallel activities developed during the event may be awarded.

7. Evaluation and criteria

  • a) The evaluation of the work will be performed in two stages: pitch and final presentation.

  • b) During the event, all teams will present a pitch with the summary of their work, this will be done in a schedule and duration to be determined.

  • c) Mentors will select 5 teams for final presentation.

  • d) From the 5 pre-selected teams by mentors for final presentation, the jury will award the first, second and third places.

  • e) For the selection of the 5 finalist teams and of the three awarded places, the evaluation criteria, all with the same weighting, will be as follows:

    • 1. Innovation - is it an unique idea and does it present a genuine solution?
    • 2. Business impact - is there potential to add value to the business or attract philanthropic funds?
    • 3. Connection to themes - does the solution fall into one of the themes?
    • 4. Evolution during the hackathon - has there been proven evolution since the initial idea?
    • 5. “User experience” - does the idea provide suggestive and relevant experiences for potential users?
    • 6. Technical demonstration (maturity) - is the idea technically feasible and scalable? Is there a working prototype with technical quality?

8. Terms of participation

  • a) For the application and participation in this initiative, participants agree to the following conditions:

    • 1. Competing ideas must not contain any explicit or suggestive sexual references, violent or derogatory references to any ethnic, racial, religious, professional, gender or age group, or pornographic content.

    • 2. Competing ideas shall not promote illegal drugs or firearms (or the use of any of the foregoing), or any activity that may have unsafe or dangerous messages and policies.

    • 3. Competing ideas shall not be obscene or offensive, or support any form of individual or group hatred, or derogatory comments about the organization, its products or services, or other persons, products or companies.

    • 4. Competing ideas shall not contain copyrighted or proprietary materials (including photographs, sculptures, paintings and other works of art or images posted on websites or on television, movies or other media).

    • 5. Competing ideas shall not contain names, images, photographs or other evidence of identification of any person, dead or alive, without explicit permission from them or their representatives.

    • 6. The ideas in the contest must be original, not being commercially published or licensed previously, or awarded in initiatives of a similar nature to CityHack.

    • 7. Participants further declare and ensure that publication of their participation through various means, including publication on the Internet / online does not violate the rights of third parties.

    • 8. If the organization has reason to suspect of unfair, misleading or fraudulent conduct by any participant or third parties, in any way, the organization reserves the right to disqualify anyone deemed to be reasonably responsible, or because it is associated with inappropriate behavior.

    • 9. The organization reserves the right to change or cancel the event at any time by sending a notification to candidates already registered.

9. Idea property ownership

  • a) All competing solutions, developed and presented within the scope of this event, are the property ownership of their respective authors, in compliance with the copyright laws.

10. Doubts and suggestions