💎 Idea

As the climate changes are mandatory for the arctic regions, also the energy resources must be sustainable. We want to process the available scientific data into a format understandable for the end-customer of renewable power systems. Startups with revolutionary technologies can use our marketplace to reach common people.  

You can view more about the idea and our product demo at:

🚀 EU space technologies

Based on our research, we analyzed and processed the data provided by Copernicus Service CAMS. Having accurate readings for attributes such as temperature and wind-speed is crucial for our product, which finds the best conditions for green machines. 

❄️ Connecting the Arctic

We have focused on the challenge number 2: Life on land. We are interested in the problem of using renewable energy sources. Our vision is to make the life on land more sustainable. 


JakubBajzík - Data specialist with knowledge in several branches of information technology and electrical engineering. He is involved in artificial intelligence and signal processing research activities.

Max Karel - Long experience with cloud computing (AWS, Google Could), CI/CD, DevOps. Business analysis and production modeling.

Jozef Volák - Embedded systems engineer with marketing experiences, currently DevOps engineer and product owner.

Lukáš Gajdošech - PhD. student of Computer Science, passion for solving and visualizing problems of computer vision, graphics, and sharing the knowledge. Currently researching AI systems, always open to new ideas and fruitful conversations. 

Adam Riečický - Doctor of computer science with 10+ years of experience in the field, passionate 3D artist, and graphical designer.

Michal Meároš - Computer vision and graphics enthusiast with experience in data visualization. Currently working in a co-founded small company that focuses on mesh and point cloud processing.