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Caduceus Bug Bounty Challenge

Caduceus has just entered its public testing phase and is launching this hackathon to identify bugs.

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Caduceus Introduction: The Blockchain for the Metaverse

Caduceus evolves the open-source software paradigm by implementing blockchain alongside its rich library of components - this facilitates the building of highly performant Metaverse infrastructure that is trustworthy, efficient, secure, and dependable. 

Caduceus represents a breakthrough in metaverse development, and revolutionizes the use of a multi-level, distributed Metaverse Graph structure, with unlimited expansion and large-scale parallel processing capabilities beyond the data structure of ordinary blockchains. 

With BigBang’s programmable acceleration blockchain consensus system, StarRing’s transaction parallel execution engine, and Nebula’s unlimited expansion of the block database, Caduceus is capable of maximum processing capacity in highly concurrent and complex environments. 

It will help end-users supplement local computing power, improve processing efficiency, and reduce the risk of network delay and congestion by adopting an open platform close to the data source. 

The Metaverse requires high synchronization, low latency, and rapid transmission of large amounts of data; Caduceus makes all of this accessible in the public chain, with the potential for it to become the core infrastructure of all future metaverses. 

Read more about the Caduceus blockchain here: https://caduceus.foundation/

Caduceus Bug Bounty Challenge Overview

Caduceus has just entered its public testing phase and is launching this hackathon via Taikai to identify bugs. The focus is on security testing, network security, blockchain data, funds, account security, and related topics.

Specific Challenge

Caduceus has opened a single RPC API for "black box" testing to determine any potential security or workflow exploits. The challenge is to identify if anything can be found that can disrupt the input / output flow of data with this RPC API and even the data integrity itself.

Bug Submission Criteria

Caduceus will evaluate any bug submission reports by the following standards:

  • The impact of a security breach
  • The cause of the security breach
  • Whether or not the person who reports the bug suggests a solution to the bug or helps in its resolution
  • The process through which the bug was discovered

All bugs must be submitted as a project in platform. You can take advantage of the project page to better explain how you identified your bug and what it affects.

API Access and Documentation for Participants

The API endpoint that Caduceus has opened to the testing participants is a POST URL: https://rpc.block.caduceus.global/ 
The public documentation of what this API is allowed to do is can be found here: https://dev.caduceus.foundation/enDoc/chain-api-eth.html

You can find additional development documentation on the Caduceus blockchain: here.

Challenge Participation

Anyone can participate in the challenge. We welcome all.