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BIT Hackathon by MC

24h hackathon to build the future of retail.

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Terms and Conditions

This section contains all the basic information and rules of the 2023 edition of the BIT Hackathon. It is indispensable that all participants read the entire document to understand how it will function and take the best out of the experience. All the rules in this document are in force throughout the whole duration of the BIT Hackathon.

Registration and Eligibility

1. registration for BIT Hackathon is voluntary and can be done as a team. It is only possible to register through the form available on the website; 

2. Only participants above 18 years old are allowed to register; 

3. BIT Hackathon will take place on the 24th and 25th of May 2023; 

4. The participation at BIT Hackathon will be done in teams of 4 to 6 elements; 

5. During the team registration, the team leader must fill in the data for all team members; 

6. The number of registrations is limited and the criteria for acceptance is by the registration date and time; 

7. The organization must confirm the registration of the team through email after the registration; 

8. Remote participation is not allowed; 

9. Each team must have a member at the venue during each checkpoint marked in the agenda available on the website; 

10. The participant acknowledges that registration and participation in BIT Hackathon is free of any charge.

Cancellation Policy

1. The participant has the right to cancel his/her registration, which should be done by contacting the organizers at: [email protected]

2. In case of withdrawal of any participant, the organizers can decide that a team must be readjusted by adding a new element or can risk being disqualified.

Pre-BIT Hackathon

1. After the registration has been validated, an invitation will be sent to the official communication channel within Microsoft Teams; 

2. All participants must join the Microsoft Teams channel dedicated to the BIT Hackathon; 

3. During the week before the BIT Hackathon, information regarding the competition, such as all the details about the available resources will be made available on the Microsoft Teams channel.

Agenda and Duration

1. The agenda and duration of the BIT Hackathon are available on the website: https://bithackathon.mc.pt/

2. The organizers reserve the right to change the agenda without any warning. 

3. The organizers reserve the right, at any time, to end, change, shorten, or extend BIT Hackathon in case of any illegal or fraudulent activity, or any external fact beyond the control of the organization that affects the proper functioning of BIT Hackathon. 

4. In case of a change in the agenda and duration of the BIT Hackathon, the organizer cannot be held responsible for such changes. In this, participants are not entitled to any type of compensation.


1. The BIT Hackathon’s website will be constantly updated with the most recent available resources; 

2. All accepted participants will have access to the “Participant guide” where all the resources will be explored deeply; 

3. The organization reserves the right to make changes to the resources available without any warning.


1. Each team will have to publish a project page on the competition are available on the TAIKAI platform at https://taikai.network/. Only projects with published pages will be eligible for evaluation; 

2. The BIT Hackathon will have two evaluation stages: 

(a) An intermediary evaluation - It will select the top 15 teams: 

(i) This evaluation will be based on the information available for each published project page, including the project file template; 

(b) A final evaluation – It will dictate the winning team: 

(i) This evaluation will be based on a 4-minute pitch delivered on stage by the top 15 teams; 

(ii) The top 15 teams will only be announced during the final pitch. They will be called one by one on stage. All teams must be ready to pitch;

3. The voting process will happen at TAIKAI. TAIKAI makes full use of the decentralization and transparency that blockchain technologies promise, including picking up the winning project of this hackathon. 

(a) The intermediary judges will have a number of tokens that will be distributed/invested in the teams they like the most. The selection will be based on the number of tokens each team will collect from intermediary judges; 

(b) Some tokens will be distributed among all the participants, right before the final presentations, so that everyone can also be part of the final voting process. A participant won’t be able to vote on his own team. Participant’s voting power will be smaller when compared to the jury because they will have fewer tokens. 

(c) The winner will be the team that collected more tokens from intermediary judges, final judges, and participants;

4. The voting criteria used by our judges will be based on: 

(a) Innovation level 

(b) Relevance to retail 

(c) Developed prototype 

(d) Feasibility and reproducibility 

(e) Presentation (final evaluation only)

5. Eligibility criteria: 

(a) The team must have someone at the venue to respect each checkpoint;

(b) Every team must go through the intermediate evaluation;

(c) There will be two mandatory deliverables to be summited until the deadline of the competition: 

§ Project file – According to the template provided – It will support the intermediary evaluation; 

§ Presentation for the final pitch: .ppt/pptx format.

(d) Finalist teams must go through the final evaluation.

6. The decisions of the judges are not subject to appeal, under any circumstances.


1. The prizes are described on the website and the organizers have the right to replace the prizes up until the day of the BIT Hackathon without any warning. 

2. The prizes are personal and non-transferable, and there is no possibility of exchange, nor the attribution of them in monetary value. 

3. No prizes will be distributed if no project is eligible.

Rules of Conduct

1. The organizers aim to provide a creative, fun, cooperative, and innovative environment. For this, it is extremely important that each participant acts in a cordial and respectful manner; 

2. The consumption of alcoholic beverages will be controlled and limited during BIT Hackathon; 

3. It is forbidden to smoke or consume similar product in the space where the BIT Hackathon will take place. For obvious reasons, it is also forbidden the use of illegal drugs or medications; 

4. The use of obscene language, and abusive or threatening behavior towards other participants will not be tolerated; 

5. Any and all activity, even if attempted, that aims to obtain an advantage through acts that do not respect or distort the objective of BIT Hackathon and/or that violate the provisions of this Regulation will be considered illegal, reserving the organizers the right to exclude the corresponding participations. 

6. During the BIT Hackathon, any activity found to be suspected should be reported immediately to a member of the organization;

7. The organizers reserve the right to expel any participant that does not respect these regulations. 

8. The organizers cannot be held responsible for any unlawful acts perpetrated by participants, any other participants, or third parties, either during BIT Hackathon or after its end.

Intellectual Property

1. The participant accepts that all ideas, projects and collaboration between the participants of BIT Hackathon are the Intellectual Property of the participant or the team that presents them (the Author); 

2. The participant will not use any original idea or its information to generate revenue without the authorization of the Author; 

3. The participant agrees to not disclose any information about an original idea or its information without the authorization of the Author; 

4. The Intellectual Property and the work developed before, during, and after the BIT Hackathon belongs to the Author. 

5. Any violation of Intellectual Property Rights of third parties shall be considered a cause of exclusion from the BIT Hackathon.

Equipment and Commodities

 1. The organizers will provide a space for the development of the activities planned for the BIT Hackathon; 

2. This space will be properly identified during the course of the activity; 

3. Participants will be able to use this space during the opening hours of the BIT Hackathon; 

4. Participants agree that the facilities and infrastructures dedicated to the BIT Hackathon will be used exclusively to carry out the activities needed for the BIT Hackathon; 

5. The teams will have access to Wi-Fi and energy plugs to support the development of the projects. They should bring computers and other equipment that they find relevant; 

6. Meals are included in the BIT Hackathon.

Personal Information

1. Personal information provided to the organizers will not be shared with third parties; 

2. Microsoft Teams and e-mail will be the predominant means of communication used to send information, newsletters and / or announcements; 

3. The participant undertakes to cooperate with the organizers by responding to questionnaires and providing comments on the BIT Hackathon and the evolution of projects. 

4. Personal data is processed according to the privacy notice.

Personal Property

1. The organizers are not responsible for the loss or damage to the participant's personal property.

Final Remarks 

1. Participation in BIT Hackathon implies acceptance of all the terms of the present Regulation; 

2. The organizers reserve the right to amend the present Regulation; 

3. All cases not mentioned or not clearly stated in the present Regulation shall be assessed and decided by the organizers and/or the Jury, depending on the circumstances.

You can also consult this information in this document - Terms and Conditions